FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Amplifier television Antenna television
Apron nylon Assembling signaling
Assembling tv Bedsheet medical
Bedsheet travel Belt fitter
Belt life Belt safety
Biscuits wheat Block punch down
Blouse ladies' Board guard
Board heating Book drawing
Book memo Book music
Book office Boots boxcalf
Boots boxcalf Boots fisherman's
Boots fitter's Boots fur
Boots rubber Boots special-purpose
Boots tarpaulin Boots workman
Bowl plastic Box household
Box plastic Brassiere cotton
Brassiere elastic Brassiere knitted
Bread mold Bread rye
Bread sole Bread white
Bread-Crumb Breaker pointers
Breaker windscreen wiper Breakfasts dry
Bucket plastic Bucket zinced
Butter chocolate Butter dairy
Butter melted Butter peasantry
Cake biscuit Calendar desk
Calendar loose-leaf Calendar quarterly
Can food Can plastic material
Candy non-glazed Cap surgical
Caramel lollipop Chassis tractor
Cheese bukovinsky Cheese dutch
Cheese kostroskoy Cheese russian
Chip logic Chip timer
Circuit integrated Climbers lineman's
Clip conventionalized Consulting legal
Consulting secutity Container plastic
Converter television Cookies diabetic
Cookies lasting Cookies sugar
Corrugated board packing Corrugated box cardboard
Cover block Cracker wheat
Cup plastic Cup plastic
Curd table Design protection
Desk sckool Diaper children's
Doll plastisol Doll soft-tamped
Doughnut sold by weight Doughnut wheat
Dowel plastic Dress uniform
Dressing Gown female Dressing Gown nylon
Electric heating radiator household Electric heating radiator oil
Equipment tv Exercise book school
Exploiting signalling Field Cap uniform
Filter hose Fire Extinguisher powder-type
Folder graduation thesis Folder term paper
Frame switch Fuse thermobimetallic
Fuse thin-plate Gas Mask hose
Gauntlet welder's Gauntlets canvas
Gauntlets protective Gingerbread biscuit
Glass bulletproof Gloves chain armour
Gloves dielectric Gloves knitted
Gloves rubber Goodies oriental
Granule polyethylene Handle cramp
Handle knob Heated bed children's
Helmet chain armour Helmet electric welder's
Helmet work High Fur Boots fur
Hinge mortise Holder wall
Hook plastic Hub plastic
Jacket alarm Jacket camouflage
Jacket light Jacket man's
Jacket summer Jacket uniform
Jacket uniform Jacket wadded
Jacket warm Jacket working
Kit obstetric Knife plastic
Latch flush Lattice cardboard
Lining plastic Lock mortise
Long Loaf hearth baked Mittens cotton
Mittens oil-and-frost resistant Mittens warmed
Mittens woolen Mode conducting
Napkin paper Overall
Overalls summer Overalls warm
Package blister Pants elastic
Pants knitted Paper consumer
Paper filter Paper label
Paper laminated Paper office
Paper offset Paper packaging
Paper roll-fed Paper toilet
Paper wet-strength Paper wrapping
Paper writing Peak-Cap field
Peak-Cap special Pie biscuit
Pie combined Pie crumb
Pie shortcake Pie shrewsbury
Pie souffle Pie souffle
Plank anchor Plate plastic
Pot flower Prevention fire
Protction office Protection apartment
Protection collection Protection construction
Protection enterprise Protection human
Protection information Protection law and order
Protection of building Protection parking place
Protection repository Radio Buoy emergency
Raincoat railwaymen's Raker household
Relay adjusting Relay checking
Relay cut-off Relay locking
Relay protective Relay switching
Relay temperature Relay time
Respirator anti-aerosol Ring-shaped cracknel sold loose
Robe judge's Roll formed
Roll hearth-baked Roll rich
Safety device cylindrical Saucer plastic
Scales electronic Selector control
Semioveralls summer Set baker
Set clothing Set cosmetic
Set fireplace Set heat-shielding
Set hospital Set medical
Set oilman's Set warm
Shelfholder plastic Sherbet milk
Shirt children's Shirt man's
Shirt uniform Shoe Covers fishing
Shoe Covers hunting Shoe Covers surgical
Shoe Covers warmth-keeping Short Coat warm
Signalling Device sound Skirt uniform
Small Loaf doctor's Smock doctor's
Soap laundry Spoon plastic
Strip ornamental Substrate absorbent
Suit acid resistant Suit alarm
Suit camouflaged Suit fighting
Suit fire fighter's Suit heat-reflective
Suit ladies' Suit man's
Suit miner's Suit oilman's
Suit patrol Suit protective
Suit railwayman's Suit refueller's
Suit security guard Suit steelmaker's
Suit summer Suit uniform
Suit warm Suit welder's
Suit winter Suit worker's
Suit working Support wheel
Swimming suit elastic Switch button
Switch electric tool Switch heater
Switch illumination Switch unified
Switch unified Switch wash
System gas fuel Table-Cloth paper
Tape polypropylene Towel paper
Towel sanitary Tractor wheeled
Transponder emergency Treenail plastic
Trousers uniform Trousers wadded
Trousers warm Tunic ladies'
Tunic man's Wine sparkling