FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Adaptogen immune Additive food
Agent general restorative Alarm Clock mechanical
Alloy copper Analyzer x-ray-radiometric
Apparatus welding Apron working
Auto hauler truck bolstered Auto shampoo car-washing
Automobile bangboard Balm spirit
Bifilife complex Bio supplement potassium magnesium
Biomass ginseng Bogie towing
Boots plastic Breaker current
Brush mounted Building arch
Canoe travelling Carbine hunting
Chandelier nine-horn Chandelier six-horn
Chandelier three-horn Chandelier two-horn
Cheese proccessed Clabber bifido containing
Cleanser Cocktail milk
Crane Truck derricking Curd low-fat
Cushion inclined Defibrillator portable
Depository cement Device radiometric
Dough cottage cheese Drill spiral
Drink albuminous Drink tonic
Drops zelenin's Drug antialcoholic
Drug sedative and soporific Echo transponder radar
Edging glass Electrostimulator stand-alone
Enamel pentaphthal Engine boat
Equipment freezing Fan floor
Filling adhessive oil First coat water-dispersion
Flax Fiber long Flax Fiber short
Floor Lamp one horn Foam bath
Foam washing Foil copper
Foil nickel Form surgical
Galoshes rubber Gamma-Flaw Detector universal
Gasket sealing Gasoline generator portable
Gel cleaning Gel moistening
Gel tonic Gel washing
Gloves protective Groove glass
Gun hunting Gun single-barrelled
Hanger one horn Hat metallurgist
Head dynamic Helmet welder's
Hill soft Hose air
Installation lighting Instrument gamma-therapeutic
Instrument inhalation Instrument spectrometric
Instrument stomatologic Jacket man's
Juice fruit Kefir grass
Kefir rich Kissel fruit and berry
Knife combat Lamp desktop
Lamp power-saving Lighter electronic
Liquid washing Liquor dessert
Machine closing Magazine specialized
Meccano soft Meter radon
Milk liquid Milk sterilized
Minium iron Monitor gamma radiation
Motor module lawn-and-garden Mountain slide
Mowing Machine lawn-and-garden Ointment boracic
Ointment camphoric Ointment homeopathic
Ointment orthophen Ophthalmocoagulator laser
Ophthalmoscope hand-held Opodeldoc homeopathic
Ozonizer disinfectant Paint water-dispersion
Paste tooth Phone portable
Pipe electrowiring Pipe sewer
Pistol installation Plant concrete mixing
Plug screw Pool dry
Preparation polishing Pump biological
Pump oil Pump plumbing mass
Pump sewage Pump soil
Pump water Rack audiocassette
Radio shortwave Radio Station ship
Radio Valve receiving and amplifying Raker plastic
Rattle plastic Recirculator ultra-violet
Refrigerator single-chamber Refrigerator two-chambered
Regulator illuminance Respirator protective
Revolver sports Ribs pork
Rinser linen Rocking Chair plastic
Rod wire Rod (rebar) reinforcing
Roofing polymeric Ryazhenka bifido containing
Safe metal Sandwich dish plastic
Sausage liver Sausage summer
Saw disk Saw oscillating
Saw surgical Scaffold prong
Scaffold saddle Scales low-profile
Scales mechanical Scales platform
Sconce double horn Sconce single horn
Scoop confectionery Scoop polyethylene
Seal multi-colour Sealant bracket
Sealant faceplate Sealant glass
Searchlight lens Seed-plot plastic
Sensor hydrogen pickup Sensor phase
Separator electric Service plastic
Set bathroom wall Set building
Set diagnostic Set game
Set modular Set modular
Set soya Set stomatologic
Set traumatologic Shampoo concentrated
Shampoo phytoced Shampoo specialized
Shampoo universal Shape steel
Shelf stand double-sided Shelf stand single-sided
Shive flax Shoes woman's
Short Coat man's Short fur coat man
Short Fur Coat men's Sledge plastic
Slide (object-plate) Slippers man's
Slippers woman's Snow-Plough rotary
Soap Box plastic Sour Cream dairy
Speaker stereoacoustic Spoon garnish
Spoon tea Spotlight theatre
Stall commercial Steel carbon
Steel pipe Steel structural
Steel tool Sterilizer thermodynamic
Stew-Pan kitchen Stick polyethylene
Strip copper Strip nickel
Substrate automobile Suit acid-proof
Suit anti-encephalitic Suit baker's
Suit heat-resistant Suit medical
Swing giant System cryosurgical
System radio transmitting Table kitchen
Table x-ray Tape adhesive
Tape cheque Tape gluing
Tape magnetic Tape packing
Tape paper Tape printer
Tape punched Tape telegraph
Thermometer electronic Tile flooring
Tile mirrored Tile ridge
Tile roofing Tincture crataegus
Tomograph radiation Tool diagnostic
Tow building Transducer revolutions
Transformer multi-purpose Transformer single-phase
Transformer three-phase Tray plastic
Treenail bilateral Truck hand
Turret-type tower movable Tyre agricultural
Tyre car Tyre truck
U-section hot-rolled Unit antirust
Unit drying Unit emergency
Unit thermal Unit vibrating
Valenki (Felt Boots) rolled Van bread
Van refrigerated Varnish pentaphthalic
Varnish repair and building Vibrator immersion
Wardrobe clothes Warehouse mechanized
Water mineral Waterheater running
Wheelchair plastic White titanium
Wire aluminium Wire brass-plated
Wire copper Wire copper
Wire cramp Wire nail
Wire nickel Wire piano
Wire reinforcing Wire screen
Wire spoke Wire spring
Wire surfacing Wire zinc-coated
Wire rod copper Wristwatch
Yoghurt fruit