FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Acid sulphuric acid Additive diabetic
Air-operated hammer hand Analyzer electrochemical
Analyzer mercury Analyzer oil products
Annunciator optical Answering system telephone
Antechamber hull Aperitif herbal
Aquadistiller electric Assembling complex
Audiopanel single user Automatic machine small-sized
Bandage gauze Bar uncooled
Baulk reinforced-concrete Bed children's
Block glass Board control
Bogie shelf Bolt connecting
Bottling vodka Box control
Box distributing Box farmer's
Box feeding Box garage
Box mounting Box step-down
Bracket illumination Buckle bearing
Bushing eccentric Buttermaker industrial
Cabinet distribution terminating Cabinet drying
Cabinet fire Cabinet proof
Cable lug Cable Layer hook-on
Cable Layer vibrating Caldron paving
Caprolactam crystal Caprolactam liquid
Carriage marking Casting bronze
Casting cast-iron Center switching
Chair office Chalk natural
Chamber prefabricated Chicken tinned
Chintz dress Chintz smoothly dyed
Chintz white-soil Chocolate milk
Chromatograph ionic Clamp Carrier assembly
Closet combined Closet double-door
Closet three door Closing chute
Coating composition Coating thermoplastic
Cognac old Column contact
Compressor piston Concrete fine-grained
Conditioner baking Console channels
Console monitoring Console supervisory
Container fiberglass plastic Container warm
Cream color Cream soap
Cream tonic Cyclohexane technical
Cyclohexanol rectificated Dash-board light
Development of documentation Device electric redundancy
Device lead-in Device monitoring starting
Device security Device switching
Device switching-terminating Device transit
Diagnostics metal Diagnostics welding
Diamond synthetic Disk abrasive
Dosimeter radiation Drink carbonated
Drum molding Drum split
Drying Oil oily Duct communication
Electrical cabinet drying Element coating
Enamel nitrate cellulose Equipment force
Extract eleuterocock Extract oil
Facility capping Facility dosing
Facility heat-insulating Facility packing
Filling latex Filter sedimentary
First coat acrylic First coat glyptal
Fishing-Rod telescopic Flour rye
Flour wheat Flume concrete
Foam mounting Form bakery
Fox silver-black Frying Pan electric
Fur artificial Furnace muffle
Gas Generator standby Generator hydrogen
Glass figured Glass sheet
Glass window Glue acrylic
Glue all-purpose Gun sports
Gyroscope laser Hill universal
Hood exhaust Impregnation decorative
Impregnation protective and decorative Impregnation strengthening
Indicator elevator Injector dough settling
Installation bottling Installation building-up
Ion Meter microprocessor Jelly diabetic
Laboratory defectoscopy Lacquer furniture
Lacquer nitrocellulose Lamp landscape
Laser holmium Light filter signal
Line reel cutting Liquid antifreezing
Liquid bleaching Liquid braking
Liquid cleaning Liquid hygiene and sanitary
Liquid non-freezing Liquor liquor
Locker linen Machine dough
Machine dough flattening-out Machine dough mixing
Machine dough-mixing Machine dough-mixing beating
Machine forming Machine labeling
Machine pouring Machine sheet-bending
Machine syrup Manufacturing cabinet
Manufacturing console Mat sewed-in
Milk cow's Minium oil
Mix fodder Mix repair
Mix waterproofing Mixture water staunch
Module optical Mortar leveling
Mortar trowelling Napkin gauze
Napkin technical Nut hexagonal
Nut slotted Offer investment
Oil bitumen building Oil-former industrial
Oven cabinet Oven electric
Oven solid-fuel Oximeter portable
Paint structural Paint water
Panel of boards Panel registration
Panel switching Panel universal
Pastry biscuit Pattern gauze
Pedestal carriage-type Pedestal combined
Phone cord Phone-Tube cord
Photo Diode avalanche Pie biscuit-cream
Pie layer Pistol large-caliber
Pistol service Plaster decorative
Powder bleaching Powder sanitary
Press brick Press packing
Press plate-bending Press scrap metal
Press stone-crushing Press tile
Press veneering Products macaroni
Pump gear-type Pump screw
Pump submersible Putty face
Putty finishing Putty repair
Rapid test diagnostic Revolver official
Scales commercial Scales floor
Scales industrial Scissors sheeting
Section fence Selector-disconnector switching
Semiautomatic Device dinking stretch Set butter producing
Set cook Shears armature
Shears hand Shears scrap-cutting
Shears section cutting Shears-press combined
Shelf stand office Spectrometer atomic absorptive
Spectrophotometer single-beam Spring disk
Station elevator Station push-button
Submachine Gun combat Substation unificated
Suit surgical Sulfate ammonium
Support truck crane Switch elevator
Switch load-break System dispatching
System sheeting System straightening and polishing
Table preparation Tile smooth
Tower tangent Trailer transporting
Transceiver video picture Unit corking
Unit decompression Unit lightning guard
Unit seeding Unit tillage
Urotropin technical Valve smoke removal
Varnish gluing Varnish impregnating
Varnish insulating Varnish oil
Video adjustor television Video switch automatic
Videoamplifier distributing Videoamplifier mainline
Videodetector security Videotransformer insulating
Videotransmitter mainline Vodka classic
Vodka special Washer tightening
Washer usual Wine grape
Yeast compressed Yeast dry