FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Acidimeter portable Aeroionizer air
Agent general toning up Agent iodine containing
Air Cooler ammoniac Air-valve cast-iron
Alarm intruder Ammonia aqueous
Anaesthetic Analyzer carbon
Analyzer ionomer Analyzer sulfur
Armature sealing Armchair class
Auto Hydraulic Ram cranked Basin plastic
Beer dark Beer light
Bellmouth dual Belt orthopedic
Beta-carotene medical and preventive Bicycle seat baby
Block connector Boat folding
Bogie transportation Branch Pipe flange-socket
Brazier table Cabinet leg office
Calendar radio-equipped Canoe framed and inflatable
Capacitor air Car Glass hardened
Car Glass laminated Carriage invalid
Cart-wheel stretcher transportation Casting artistic
Cement bactericidal Cement stomatologic
Centrifuge linen Chair pneumatic
Chair student's Clamp styptic
Clip ganged Clock desk
Closet medical Closet paper storage
Clothes hook wall Coffee mill manual
Compensator stuffing-box Complex repair
Complex tinned food Complex vitamin-mineral
Composition protective-and-decorative Console cast-iron
Converter industrial Converter quartz
Couch medical Crane Truck derricking
Cream nutrient Cutout film
Cylinder gas Detector radiolocating
Device color emanating Device ear
Device security and fire protection Disk motorcultivator
Drink vitaminous mineral Drug antiatherogenic
Drug anticholesteric Drug antistress
Dryer fused Drying Oil natural
Drying Oil oxsalt Elbow flanged
Electric cultivator lawn-and-garden Electric plane hand
Electric saw chain Electric saw disk
Element sensing Excavator tunnel
Extension electric saw Fabric coat
Fabric dress Fabric plaid
Fabric suit Facility pumping
Fan axial-flow Fastener closed-end
Fastener fleecy Fastener open-ended
Fastener roll Fence lawn
Fence ritual Figure rubber
Filter magnetomechanical Flange steel
Flange straddle Furniture medical
Fuse screwed Gasket hatch
Gasket piping Gearbox worm-and-wheel
Glass bullet-proof Glass tempered
Grating gully Hatch inspection
Hatch telephone Head milling
Head tread Heater built in
Heater throw on Helmet plastic
Hiller motor cultivator Horse elite
Hydrant fire Installation signaling system
Instrument digital Intercom
Inventory of land-utilization Ion Meter laboratory
Irradiator - Recirculator bactericidal Kerosene Stove tourist
Latch cast-iron Leaded panel door
Lifter car Limber
Line molding Little Table medical
Lock fastener Lotion glyceric
Lump sugar chipped Lump sugar instant
Machine cash-counting Machine harvesting
Machine macaroni making Machine washing and squeezing
Manipulator telescopic Manufacturing conveyor
Manufacturing dryer Manufacturing machine tool
Manufacturing of containers Manufacturing tare
Manufacturing transporter Marker road
Mast sailing Meccano "Car-Designer" plastic
Mink dressed Mink untreated
Mirror domestic Mirror technical
Mixture vitaminous-and-mineral Motor-cultivator garden
Mower mounted Muff composite
Nitrogranullong mikrogranular Nitrolacquer furniture
Ochre oil Oil cosmetic
Oil vitaminized Oven confectionery
Oxygenmeter industrial Oxygenmeter portable
Paint antirusting Paint marking
Partition drawing-room Passage flange
Paste gluing Pedestal carriage-type
Pedestal carriage-type Pedestal linen
Pedestal pendant Pedestal stationary
Pencil welding Pigment inorganic
Pipe glass fibre plastic Plant magnetohydrodynamic
Plate throttle Platform hydropathic
Plywood glued Polarograph universal
Potentiostate pulse Powder lining
Pruner hydraulic Pyroelement colour-flaming
Reading-Stand auditorium Regulator thermal
Relay interposing Relay thermal
Resin polyester Resonator quartz
Roofing bituminous-polymeric Room children's
Salad-Dish plastic Saloop honey
Salt prophilactic Salt universal
Sand perlite Saw jeweller's
Scissors hairdresser's Scissors household
Screw cap Seed depot modular
Semiautomatic device can lid closing Serving dish plastic
Set furnace Set seedling
Sheet confectionery Sheet perforated
Sheet polyethylene Sheet roofing
Shelf book Ship roll-on
Shop sausage Sifter flour
Signalling Device chromate Signalling Device cyanide
Simulator electrode Sledge children's
Sofa kitchen Spear welding
Squeezer mechanical Stand hydrant
Sterilizer steam Stowage suitcase medical
Sugar liquid Suppressor surge
Survey geological engineering Syrup bilberry
Syrup diabetic Syrup natural
Syrup vitaminized System electronic
System emergency System supervisory control
Table bank Table dental
Table dissecting Table keyboard
Table manufacturing Table nurcing
Table plaster Table side
Table student's Table ward
Tee flanged Temperature Compensator automatic
Temperature Compensator manual Test-System immune-enzyme
Three-Leaved Mirror room Tincture valeric
Toilet Brush polyethylene Tool refractory-lined
Trailer road Training technological
Tray plastic Tripod laboratory
Trolley trough Tumbler tempered glass
Unit titration Valve stop
Vane deterrent Vegetable slicer mechanical
Washstand stand-alone Water flowmeter turbine
Water flowmeter vane Watering Can plastic
Welding argon-arc Wheel motor-cultivator
White zinc Winch ratchet
Wire-Nail Machine automatic