FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Accordion double row Accumulating composition weed
Acid phosphorous Alpisarin antiviral
Altimeter aneroid Ammifurin photosensitizing
Analyzer hydrogen Analyzer oxygen
Armchair office Auger dispensing
Auger feeding Baling Machine roll
Baling Machine roller Bars wall
Batcher can Batcher conveyer
Batcher weight Bayan five-row
Bayan three-row Bed army
Bed household Bellataminal sedative
Belt driving Bench auditorium
Bench baby Bench gymnastic
Billet tread Board automatic equipment
Board electrical unit Board switching
Bookcase Boots children's
Boots man's Boots men's
Boots school Box new year
Box power Brake block
Breast-bone chicken Buffer tram
Bush cutter railway Bushing suspension bracket
Cabinet card Cable communication
Calibre - Fuse thread Calibre - Ring thread
Calipers indicated Canvas basalt-fibrous
Carbon tetrachloride Carpet dielectric
Carpet rubber Casting steel
Ceiling suspended Centre distribution
Chair army Chair children's
Chair hard Chair-Bed expandable
Chicken frozen Chicken smoked
Chlorine liquid Cleaner root crops
Closet children's Closet office
Clutch cardan Compound organosilicon
Conductometer portable Copying Machine automatic
Cord acid-alkali-resistant Cord cold-resistant
Cord heatproof Cord oil-resistant
Counter deposit Crane small
Cultivator milling Cultivator soil
Cultivator universal Cutter face-milling
Decanter glass Device needle grinding
Device sound-reaction test Device ultrasonic
Digger potato Digger and Loader beet
Digger and Swather beet Doll gift
Door reserved Dough Divider rotary
Electric ballaster repair Electric convector household
Electric heating fan household Electric heating radiator floor
Electric pincers household Electric Range one-burner
Electric waterheater household Electrode welding
Elevator loading Enhancer dry-cleaning
Entresol cabinet Equipment drilling
Equipment pipe producing Eucamilin antibacterial
Feeder rotary Feeder screw
Fiberglass glass-fiber Fillet chicken
Film vesicular-air Folder business
Folder flat Folder portfolio
Folder sketch-board Folder special
Folder volumetric Folding divan sliding
Forcemeat chicken Gasket cover
Gasket cushioning Grating air
Grille decorative Halfcarcass chicken
Hammer hydraulic Hanging stage building
Harrow knife Hassock soft
Head chicken Heart chicken
Hitching universal Hothouse built-up
Hub head Hyporamin antiviral
Identifier resistance Inhibitor solt precipitation
Injector jet Installation cutoff
Instrument aspiration Lamp halogen
Lathe screw cutting Leaded panel inclined
Leg chicken Leg chicken
Level block Level frame
Level Gauge remote Line reprocessing
Liquid cooling Liver chicken
Lock profile Logotype embossed
Low Shoes man's Low Shoes school
Machine ballast cleaning Machine cleaning
Machine communal-building Machine coordinate boring
Machine ditch cleaning Machine dough
Machine lathe-relieving Machine lining and tampering
Machine planishing Machine rail-grinding
Machine tamping Machine track
Machine Tool combined Machine Tool electrochemical
Machine Tool electroerosive Machine Tool ultrasonic
Manufacturing equipment Manufacturing mould
Manufacturing stamp Matches size
Matches souvenir Matress spring
Measure of length Mechanoprocessing high-precision
Megohmmeter automatic Micrometer smooth
Mix rubber Mix uncured
Mixer concrete Module control
Motor-reductor coaxial Motor-reductor worm-and-wheel
Mower console Neck chicken
Oilcloth heat-resistant Ottoman expandable
Ottoman single-seat Ottoman twoseater
Oven annealing Oxygen gas
Oxygen liquid Partition framed
Pedestal bed two-level Peroxide hydrogen
Plate rubber-textile Plate subwindow
Plate tie Plate transformer
Plough disk Probe oxygen
Production advertising Profile bitfunk
Profile shock-absorber Profilometer electronic
Protection staircase Radio Station portable
Railcar diagnostic Railcar service
Reed switch normally open Regulator energy
Relay two-stable state Release load
Repair engine Resin carmidoformaldehyde
Rotocun antiphlogistic Ruler steel
Safe office Salt with iodine
Samovar collection Sangviritrin antimicrobic
Sealant casing Sealant door
Sealant piston Sealant silicone
Semiautomatic device packing Sensor contact
Sensor ferreed Set soup
Shampoo therapeutic and prophylactic Shock-Absorber tram
Shoes children's Shredder hinged
Shredder semihinged Sibektan cholagogue
Silimar hepatitis protective Skipping-Rope children's
Slate corrugated Slate decorative
Slate flat Slide Gauge electronic
Slide Gauge pointer Slide Gauge universal
Snow-Plough way Sofa office
Soldering Iron electric Spice-cakes tula
Stabilizer machine track Stomach chicken
Stool kitchen Suite office
Suite pupils' Suite school
Sulfur copolymer Switch disconnecting
Switch key Switch thermal
Syrup dogrose System measuring
System radar System radar
System warning Table bed-side
Table playing Table precision
Table restaurant Tachometer Generator stationary
Tachometer Generator synchronous Tap domestic
Thanacechol cholagogue Tool voice-generating
Tractor small-sized Transformer toroidal
Trolley cargo Tube acid-alkali-resistant
Tube heat-resistant Tube oil-gasoline-resistant
Unit baffling Unit low-voltage
Watering Can polyethylene Winch crane
Winch electric Window-Frame aluminium
Wood-Wool Wraping machine automatic