FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Adherometer electronic Angle Bar aluminium
Annunciator fire-prevention Annunciator voice
Apparatus packing Apron confectionery
Apron white Arrangement crossing point
Asphalt paver caterpillar Assembling framing
Automatic machine argon-arc Automatic machine radial-cantilever
Automobile combined Automobile hydrodynamic
Automobile road marking Automobile sludge collecting
Automobile spreading Automobile sprinkler
Automobile vacuum sweeper Automobiler snow-remover
Balance laboratory Ball football
Ball volleyball Basin aluminium
Blade pulse Block announcing
Block welding Block Cutter universal
Board security and fire safety Box pressure-gauge
Brake load Brazier folding
Brush disk Brush end
Brush flange Brush technical
Bucket aluminium Buldozer excavator caterpillar
Buldozer excavator pneumowheel Burner automatic machine
Burner hand Calculator universal
Can plastic Candies chocolate
Capping automatic Carbonic Acid food
Cardbrush technical Carpet half-woolen
Cart adjustable Cart fixed
Centre wood-working Centrifuge laboratory
Centrifuge portable Centrifuge refrigerator
Cheese renneting Cheese Curd cottage cheese
Cheese Curd glazed Clock chimney
Coat ladies' Coat man's
Coat sheepskin Colander aluminium
Colonoscope biopsy Complex analytical
Complex electron-ray Confiture fruit
Container confectionery Conveyor packing
Conveyor tail-race Conveyor track
Cover plastic Crane caterpillar
Crane jib Cream low-fat
Cup glass Cutter combined
Cutter hawser Cutter hawser and rod
Cylinder double stocked Cylinder power
Device plasmapheresis Device welding-up
Dimethyl dillylammonium chloride Disk gem-cutting
Dismantling of scaffold Dough low-calorie
Dough non-yeast Dough yeast
Dressing Gown color Dressing Gown dark
Dressing Gown white Dryer shoe
Dump truck back dumping Duster coat elongated
Dynamometer digital Electric Locomotive miner
Electroshocker contact Electroshocker contact-remote
Enamel acrylic Equipment fire-fighting
Equipment guarding and fire-control Equipment welding
Ethyl chloride Excavator caterpillar
Fabric gobelin Fabric upholstery
Facility supporting Filling acrylic
Film plasticized Filter magnetic
Form aluminium Frying Pan aluminium
Furnace heat treating Gage pressure
Gastroduodenalscope biopsy Glass wine
Glue rubber Goblet glass
Half Mask protective Handcart shopping
Hanger Hatch locator portable
Headphones antinoise Heat Meter electronic
Hem-stitch artistic Hinge barn
Hood medical Ice dry
Impregnation antiseptic Impregnation fire-proofing
Indicator hydraulic Indicator temperature
Injector pickle Installation casting
Installation fire extinguishing Jacket cook's
Jacket fur Jacket pilot's
Jacket winter Jacquard
Juice apple Juice apple and apricot
Juice apple and cherry Juice apple and currant
Juice apple and grape Juice apple and peach
Juice apple and pear Juice apple and pineapple
Juice apple and plum Juice orange
Juice tomato Ketchup tomato
Knife thermal Leak Detector acoustic
Lifter mechanized Linen table
Logotype artistic Loudspeaker service
Lunch Box two-sectional Machine auger-loading
Machine casting Machine gear-milling
Machine loading Machine quick-freezing
Machine welding Machine Tool copying-broaching
Machine Tool faceting Machine Tool sawing
Machine Tool turning Machine tool vertical milling
Manometer self-recording Mash potato
Massaging unit vacuum Mastic antirust
Mayonnaise vegetable oil Mess-tin aluminium
Microfuge haematocrit Microscope ophthalmologic
Microscope polarizing Module power
Module rescuer Module-converter pressure
Mounting component Mustard table
Newspaper university Oil fusel
Oilcloth table Opener wrecking
Oscillator high-frequency Oven shrink
Overalls protective Packing and wraping machine automatic
Paint acryl-latex Paint building
Paint latex Paint - Plaster decorative
Paste tomato Pastry filled with custard
Pastry napoleon Pie wafer
Pie plate kilogram pie Pie Plate round
Placing bolt Plaid half-woolen
Plate half-kilogram pie Plotter wall
Pole end Polyvinylchloride suspension
Porridge buckwheat Porridge rice
Product medicalt and prophylactic Pump artesian
Pyrometer high-temperature Pyrometer low-temperature
Raincoat gummed Raincoat ladies'
Raincoat man's Regulator pressure
Roll-table packing Runner carpet
Safety catch (dog) mining Sauce tomato
Saw band Scales medical
Scissors dilator Semioveralls fur
Semioveralls universal Shears jaw
Shirt jacket man's Shock-Absorber modernized
Shop-window commercial Short Coat fur
Short Fur Coat uncovered Sieve aluminium
Silphon seamless Silphon welded
Sledge passenger Snacks corn
Soup rice Soup vermicelli
Spirit ethyl Sprayer pneumatic
Spyglass Station transmission
Statuette marble Statuette plaster
Stew-Pan aluminium Stick puff
Styrmel technical Substrate acrylic
Suit canvas Suit combined
Suit cook's Suit light
Suit woolen Sweater uniform
Switch nonautomatic Syringe injection
System acoustic Table ironing
Temperature Regulator electronic Terephthaloyd-T squamuliform
Thermode converting Thermoelement quartz
Thermometer high-temperature Thermometer low-temperature
Thermometer manometrical Thermotunnel packing
Thermotunnel through-pass Thimble wedge-type
Tie black Torch soldering
Transducer force Tripod steel
Trousers cook Trousers fur
Trousers leather Varnish anticorrosive
Varnish textured decorative Vase glass
Vermicelli packed Vest fur
Volumeter ultrasonic Waffles packed
Water-plants sea Welder roller
Window Sill pressed Yeast nutrient
Yoghurt cream Yoghurt drinking