FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Add-on device analyzer Air-valve sanitary engineering
All-terrain Autotower telescopic Amphibian cargo
Amphibian multi-purpose Amphibian passenger
Analyzer liquid Analyzer mercury
Analyzer spectrofluorimetric Arch finishing
Asphalt and ballast dispenser car Asphalt carrier automobile
Asphalt caster automobile Asphalt caster trailer
Auto metall carrier containerized Auto tower telescopic
Auto track depot Autolifter bridge
Autolifter cubital Autolifter derricking
Automobile drilling Automobile drilling crane
Automobile fueling Automobile harvesting
Automobile oil refueling Automobile road
Automobile road sweeping Automobile sewer
Automobile sweeper-collector Automobile vacuum
Automobile zoological Balloon advertising
Balloon pilot Bars metal
Bars wall Beam tilting
Bed clinical Bench figurate
Bench garden Bitumen dispenser car
Bitumen pourer car Bitumen pourer trailer
Bitumen tank car Bitumen tank semitrailer
Block interface Bogie electric
Boom gymnastic Boots children's
Boots juvenile Boots ladies'
Boots shaped Building boiler
Building industrial Bulldozer crane drilling
Bulldozer pavement cleaning Bulldozer wheeled
Bulldozer harrow road Bus duty
Bus electrotechnical Bus emergency and repair
Calliper tree Canopy shaddy
Canopy stage Carpet floor
Carpet wall Cement Carrier dumping
Cement Carrier semitrailer Chute helical
Chute screw Clamp Carrier hydraulic
Clamp Carrier vertical Clamp handles decorative
Coach park Community children's
Complex clambering Complex labyrinth
Complex playing Complex sporting-playing
Compressor pull-type Concrete Mixer motor
Concrete placer caterpillar Cone Collector hand
Connector cable Connector cylindrical
Connector interface Connector trailer
Container railroad Controller temperature
Conveyor glassware Conveyor harrow road
Counter banknotes Cover drug
Crane - manipulator automobile Crane Truck hydraulic
Crook pull Cross-country autolifter cubital
Cylinder oelo-gas Device rotation
Door traversing Dosimeter noise
Drill tree-sead Drive electromagnetic
Drum spacing Dump car railway
Electric Drive adjusting Electric Drive quick shutoff
Electric Drive shutoff Electric Motor synchronous
Electric waterheater agricultural Enamel synthetic
Excavator pneumowheel Excavator-loader pneumowheel
Exciter generator Fence metal
Filter grease Filter interference suppression
First coat anticorrosive Flight of steps figurate
Flight of steps semicircular Fruit store four-chamber
Gadget flatting Gadget roots undercutting
Gadget separating Gadget shaping
Gadget sharpening Gage pressure
Galoshes ladies' Galoshes man's
Gates socer Gauge temperatures
Generator noise Geostat standard
Gloves boxing Gluer
Grader pneumowheel Grader road
Grapple log skidding Gully rectangular
Gully round Hands walking gadget slanting
Harrow road Hatch heavy
Hatch lightweight Helmet boxing
Hill slide Hill small
Horizontal bar uneven House cottage
Hydrogenmeter portable Ice-cream creamy
Ice-cream fruit Ice-cream milk
Ice-Cream Cake cream Incubator household
Indicator backup Indicator gain-frequency
Indicator gravimetric Installation ventilation
Iron (Dibbler) planting Irradiator bactericidal
Irradiator phototherapic Latch flange
Light surgical Line tow
Loader automatic Loader crane boring
Loader electric Loader telescopic
Loader wheel Machine belt grinding
Machine broadside-grinding Machine clearings
Machine edge-grinding Machine excavating
Machine grinding Machine planing
Machine rotary Machine tenoning
Machine thicknessing Machine Tool bracket-milling
Machine Tool milling-drilling Machine Tool milling-profile
Machine tool sharpening Manufacturing transformer
Merry-go-round children's Merry-go-round electromechanical
Merry-go-round pendant Merry-go-round six-seater
Merry-go-round solar Merry-go-round water
Metall Detector portable Metall Detector stationary
Meter frequency Meter level
Micro motor instrumental Miniloader wheel
Mulcher mesh Oscillator signal
Overshoes dielectric Panel observation
Pavilion clean sweep Pavilion one-storeyed
Pavilion weather Pavilion wind-shielded
Pipeline industrial Plant filtering and ventilating
Plough fire-prevention Plug medicinal
Pneumo side-show children's Pneumo trampoline children's
Post badminton Post volleyball
Press bending Press forming
Press merging Press vertical
Pressure suit carnival Pump cement
Pyramid three-edged Rammer-Plate road
Refrigerated warehouse single-stage Refrigerated warehouse two-chamber
Regenerator brush Rocking Chair spring
Roller road Sandbox round
Sanitation car bunker Sanitation car frontal-loaded
Sanitation car rear-loaded Sanitation car side-loaded
Saw butting Scales car
Scales overhead track Scales truck
Screw-driver uuniversal Sealant waterproofing
Semitrailer fuel-servicing Set drying
Set test Shooting Gallery laser
Simulator strain gauge Snow Loader milling-rotary
Socket remote Sofa rocking
Sorter money Spectrometer fourier
Stage collapsible Station filling
Statuette rotating Stride giant
Swimming-Pool small Swing balancing
Swing children's Swing cross-over
Swing electromechanical Swing large
Swing one-seater Swing planoparallel
Swing rotating Swing russian
Swing six-seater Swing small
Swing transportable Swing two seater
Syringe disposable System control
System electrophoresis System transfusions
Tank truck black oil Tank truck fuel-servicing
Tank truck milk Tank truck water
Tanker semitrailer automobile Tar sprayer motor
Tar sprayer semitrailer Tent tourist
Terminal intellectual Tester battery
Thermometer digital Thermometer infra-red
Thermos-Bunker automobile Timer digital
Tractor sidewalk cleaning Trailer flusher
Transducer digital Trimmer mixer
Unit drilling-adjusting Unit drilling-milling
Unit execution Unit filtering and ventilating
Unit milling Van emergency and repair
Van servicing Varnish bituminous
Washing-Off car enamels Welding Machine automatic
Winch lever Winch spiral