FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Acetone technical Acidogastrometer diagnostic
Air-operated hammer submersible Analgin solid
Antifoamer industrial Aquarium glass
Armature wellhead Arrangement ceiling rafter
Arrangement chair Arrangement column
Arrangement crane Arrangement ducting
Arrangement ground Arrangement hatchway
Arrangement juncture Arrangement partition
Arrangement pavement Arrangement porch
Arrangement road Arrangement stairway
Arrangement terrace Arrangement thickener
Aspirator grain Assembling bridge
Astringent custom-made Audiogirder winding
Auto fueler pumping Automatic machine cold stamping
Automatic machine hot heading Awning skeleton
Baking Tray teflon Beater hydraulic
Bench multirip Binding columnar
Binding construction Block filter
Block grain flaking Body Armour protective
Boots canvas Bow-Tie ladies'
Brick filled Brick hollow
Cabinet leg cabinet Can polyethylene
Canister polyethylene Casket porcelain
Chandelier bowl Chevron service
Chute metal Clam-Shell loading
Clamshell-Bulldozer tyre-wheeled Coal-Insucker universal
Collector bunk packing Compressor mobile
Compressor stationary Concrete Breaker pneumatic
Concrete Mixer planetary Concrete Mixer semitrailer
Concrete Pump motor Concrete Pump towed
Container car dumper Controller measure
Cord electroconnecting Cover book
Cover glass Cracker wheaten
Crane - manipulator tractor Crash Helmet protective
Crusher mobile Crusher stationary
Device cheese melting Dimedrol solid
Door heat-insulating Dowel general-purpose
Dry Topping surface Dryer dish
Drying Oil film-forming Dump truck cubital
Dump truck side dumping Dumper - Manipulator automobile
Echo peripheral equipment computer Electric Motor industrial
Electrode holder hand-held Electrode holder universal
Enamel alkyd Enamel fine-dispersed
Excavator automobile Excavator-leveller automobile
Extension Cord four-plug Fan industrial
Fan mine Filer fiscal
Fillet meat Filling oil
Film finishing Finish cloth
First coat alkyd First coat fine
Frame saw Freezer ice-cream
Fruit batcher ice-cream Fruit Liqueur original
Fruit Liqueur spirit Frying Pan teflon
Furnace rotary Galantine meat
Gastrocardiomonitor diagnostic Gin alcoholic
Glue semiuniversal Go-cart tabouret wheel
Go-carts frame Grater vegetable
Hanging lamp industrial Heater air
Heater infra-red Heater long wavelength
Heater terraced Helmet safety
Inspector Installation confectionery
Installation ice-cream Insurance personal
Insurance property Jacket female
Jacket teenager Laser metal-cutting
Laser single-mode Latch magnetic
Length Meter pneumatic Liquid screen washing
Loader frontal throw-over Loader sidewalk cleaning
Loader towed Loader universal
Lock hanging Macaroni wheaten
Machine chipping Machine dough dividing
Machine drilling Machine handing-up
Machine jig-boring Machine thread-cutting
Machine washing Machine Tool bore-milling
Machine Tool desktop Machine Tool folding-mill
Machine Tool laser Micrometer dual-range
Mortar carrier aautomobile Motor cultivator soil
Notebook paper Oven electrogas
Oven hothouse Oven household
Oven tray Overalls down
Paint horticultural Paint powder
Pallet Winder packing Panel accessory
Panel electric welder Panel locksmith's
Panel porcelain Passage shaped
Paste original Pea Jacket sailor's
Pedestal sliding Pedestal tv-set
Pencil color Pencil lead
Phone blinking Phone government
Phone porcelain Photoresist tape
Phototypesetting special Pinafore-apron working
Pipe fixing Pipe-Bend shaped
Plinth finishing Power Audit of water-savings
Power-audit building Power-audit electro-saving
Power-audit enterprise Power-audit heat-saving
Press electric Rack sterilizing
Radio rack standart Reducer conical-cylindrical
Reducer cylindrical Refrigerator - bar household
Reverser universal Ring molded
Roll original Rug perforated
Ruler plastic Sampler ecological research
Sander automobile Sanitation car transport
Sausages meat Sausages meat
Scales portable School Desk
Scraper pneumowheeled Scraper-Doser caterpillar
Sculpture porcelain Semioveralls children's
Set special Shelf stand office
Short Logger cargo Shovel steel
Skimmer culinary Skipping Rope athletic
Skirting-apron working Sleeping bag downy
Sleeve gasket repair Slope water-pipe
Smoothing-out surface Snow Loader foot
Snowplow auger wheel Snowplow milling-rotary
Snowplow road Snowplow road sloping
Soil Cutter road Solvent technical
Split-Conditioner wall Stew-Pan teflon
Stew-Pan teflon Sticks counting
Stove sauna Study working
Suit special Support console
Support flanged Support one-piece
Support telescopic Switch industrial
T-Square digital Technical Audit ecological
Technical Audit heating system Technical Audit illumination
Technical Audit mechanism Technical Audit pipeline
Technical Audit radiation Tee shaped
Tent dome-shaped Tent double-pitch
Test-Strip diagnosing Tie man's
Tincture healing Titrant calibrating
Titrant detector Tower motor
Tractor drilling crane Tractor loading
Traffic Light industrial Trailer street-sweeper
Trailer - Van domestic Triangle isosceles
Tube glass Turbine pump pneumatic
Turnstile electromechanical Turnstile full height
Turnstile mechanical Turnstile-Tripod electromechanical
Unit charging Unit starting and charging
Van emergency and plumbing Varnish alkyd
Varnish alkyd-urethan Vase decorative
Vase porcelain Vibrator industrial
Vibrobatten tightening Vibroplatform stacking
Vibropress forming Vibrovice mounting
Video girder universal Vodka original
Volumeter water Waistcoat down
Wheel Chair children's Wheel Chair invalid
Wheel Chair pleasure Wheel Chair teenager's
Wheel Chair toilet White Spirit technical
Wicket electromechanical Wicket mechanical
X-ray room transportable