FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
achine-tool cut-off acid hydrochloric
additive bacteriocidin additive detergent
agent bleaching air-duct elastic
annunciator fire alarm annunciator fire-smoke
annunciator magnetic contact antenna semi telescopic
antenna telescopic appliance life-saving
Aquadistiller general-purpose arrangement mounting
assembly scanner audio door intercommunication syst coded
auto shampoo cleaning auto shampoo concentrated
automobile special autopolish protective
balm oil-water band aluminum
barrel fire-hose barrel steel
Bench warmed benzoyl chloride
bischofite technological block heat-insulating
Bogie mechanized box connector
box corrugated box irregular shape
box metal box switching
box telephone Breaching of road
Breaking of bridging Breaking of monolith
breeze coke burner electric oven
butadiene synthetic butyl-rubber technological
cabinet bookkeeping cabinet spray
car freight car passenger
car special purpose case connector
Cassette audio Cassette video
Cassette winding catalyst ceramic
catalyst hydrogenation catalyst isomerization
catalyst metal catalyst oil refining
catalyst refinement catalyst technological
Centre regulating chalk precipitated
chalk school chargrill electric
chest archive Chintz color
Chopper lawn-and-garden Clamp Carrier prefabricated
clamp carrier press assembly Clearcole foundation
Coating pipeline coffee mill electric
coil ignition Colouring of filler
compartment heating Compensator connection
complex endoscopic complex fire alarm
Complex radiostation complex X-ray examination
compound glue high-tensile compound glue metal-filled
concentrate detergent concentrate lubrication-cooling
concrete mixer intermixing connector electrical
constrictor air-flow Construction pool
Construction reservoir cooler honeycomb sheet
Cooler liquid copolymer fine-particle
Coupler television Covering joint
Covering roadway crushed stone construction
crusher grain Cultivator bident
cultivator hand Cultivator trident
Cutting-off gas line deactivator electromagnetic
Delivery document Delivery parcel
Demolition of wall Design road
device control device fire alarm
Device magneto-led device protective cryptographic
device receive and control device starting
Dextrin glue Diazofilm microfilming
diesel train passenger Digging hole
Disconnector high-voltage disconnector rotary
Dismantling of building Dispersant grain
Dispersant industrial drying oil unctuous
Duplication record dust separator cyclone
enamel floor enamel glossy
equipment navigational equipment pipe cleaning
Facility gas-welding Facing column
Facing framework Facing wall
filter air recuperative Filter water-purifying
Flattening surface Flour swelling
Flue construction ForceMeat Mixer vacuum
furnace bell-type furnace revolving
furnance deadend furnance polymerizing
furnance pusher-type gear mast
gel polythene oxide gel silicon
gel-balm emulsion Geological Prospecting building material
glazed sarking hydraulic insulating Glazing building
Glazing greenhouse Glazing stained-glass window
glue constructional glue polymeric
glue vacuum-tight Glue wallpaper
Hack-Saw universal Heat Treatment component
hoist air hoist driving
Hood protective Hothouse universal
Incubator small-sized Incut fitting
Incut tee joint installation cement mixing
installation crushing-and-sorting installation packing
installation paint applying installation plunger
installation spray-painting installation triboelectric
Insulation surface iron grab
jack jack Kit sawing
Laminating cassette Lamp semiconductor
Laying of plate Laying pipe
Leaded panel constructional line corrugated paperboard
Lining surface Log drag sawmill
machine beating machine cutoff
Machine drilling-grooving machine frame-clamping
machine grinding and polishing Machine lard-slicing
Machine milling-tenoning machine planing
Machine planing and milling Machine planing-sawing
Machine ravioli making Machine straightening
machine surface-grinding machine tool hewing out
machine tool presswork Machine tool rolling
Machine Tool round-saw Machine Tool single-spindle
Maintenance road Making key
Making metalware Manufacturing bath
Manufacturing bilge Manufacturing label
Manufacturing matrix Manufacturing motor-reductor
Manufacturing polyethylene prematrix Manufacturing sensor
Manufacturing steel-work mast knock-down
mast telescopic mat anti burnt-on
mechanized system in-line Mini boiler installation electric
Modeling prototype Mounting filter
Oil press compact paint semigloss
Pasting joint Paving side slope
Plant biological purification Plant treatment
plate electromagnetic Plug fitting gas line
Point sectioning Portland Cement building
power-saw bench sawing Press hydraulic
press manufacturing Press pneumatic
primer dull Processing metal
Protection transportation pump chamber
Punching mortise rack mobile
rack multipurpose Radio Beacon emergency
Radio Station aviation radio station short-wave
Raker lawn-and-garden Repair machine tool
Repair road resin epoxide
roller power-driven semiautomatic glue applicator
semiautomatic device groove grinding Separator seeds
Setting chair Shaping crusher band
Shaping crusher frame saw Simulator weight-lifting
soap spesial soda ash
solution glucose solution isotonic
solution salt Starch edible
Starch industrial Storage cargo
Strengthening structure support antenna
Surfacing roadside syringe injection
Table thermal tank truck heat-insulated
Toning glass Towel dryer electric
Transformer welding Transom bar constructional
treatment water-repellent Unit air purification
Unit grinding Unit loading
Unit meat stuffing Unsealing safe
vacuum cleaner technical warehouse automated
Washer grain Weeding cultivator lawn-and-garden
Welding joint work tool milling