FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
acid tall additive complex
additive microelement after-ripener storing
agent dishwashing analyzer voltamperometric
annunciator audio annunciator guard
annunciator light annunciator ultra-sonic
apparatus gas appliance curling
appliance guarding applicator ultraviolet
attachment flexographic printing audio door intercommunication multiuser
auto radio recorder stereo automatic machine blowing
automatic machine blowing extrusion automatic machine bottle producing
automatic machine closing automatic machine molding
automatic machine weighing-and-filling balm medicated
bearing diagnostic dev electroparametric bicycle multispeed
bicycle road bio additive placental
block combined block jaw
boiler room block bomb calorimetric
box branch break switch pneumatic
brilliancy meter photoelectric bullet rubber
cabinet refrigerated cabinet weapons
cable marine cable one-pair
cable optical cable shaft
cable signaling and blocking canister steel
car house tourist carriage baby
cash register check-out catch door
cement high-alumina chromathermogr hydrocarbon gas detection
chromatograph gas circling-irons home
clamp tee closer door
complex laser complex vibration monitoring
composition repair conditioner and rinser linen
cooker table electric cord reinforced
cornice nondetachable cornice sectional
cornice wire counter cash
coupler fiber crane erecting
crane gantry crane truck
crawlways multi-purpose cream treatment and cosmetic
cultivator building block cutter die
cutter flat die device inflaming
device magnetotherapy device resin detection
device signaling display cabinet medium-temperature
display counter angle display counter medium-temperature
display counter refrigerated door intercommunication system multiuser
drier clothes drier paint
drum-barrel steel dumpcar self-loading
dust limestone dust-removing attachment recirculating
elastomer insulating elastomer polyurcthane
elastron extrusion elastron frost-resistant
elastron gasoline and oil-resistant elastron granulated
elastron polyvinylchloride electric chopping and grating machi home
electric convector plane electric cooker two-burner
electric fan window electric furnace pipe
electric furnance chamber electric heater windshield
electric jack mobile electric oven table
electric train passenger electric water heater system
electrical counter single-phase electrical counter three-phase
enamel alkyd enamel alkyd thermo-polymer
enamel classic enamel epoxy
enamel finishing and protective enamel heat-resistant
enamel masonry enamel multi-purpose
enamel plasticized erection steel
etallized tile sheet ether butyl
eurobox steel exchanger spiral heat
extruden film producing fat deep-fryer
fat plant ferrule multi-purpose
fertilizer organo-mineral fertilizer water-soluble
filler epoxy filler latex
filler oil and glue film air- vesicular
film food film pallet
film polymer floor filling
floor self-aligning flowmeter electromagnetic
fluid cutting fluorograph small-dose
foam concrete mixer multi-purpose forage dispenser mixing
form buckle furnance automated
gage acceleration gas alarm mono-gas
gas alarm probe gas alarm stationary
gel sealing gel treatment and cosmetic
generator voltage generator installation disinfectant
glass cutter roll gloves caproic
gloves didactyl gloves heat-resistant
gloves knitted gloves non-cutting
gloves pileless gloves two-layer
gloves work glucometer blood
glue gypsum cardboard glycerin distilled
glycerin technological goudron glycerol
grain crusher household grain thrower storage
hydro oxide sodium hypochlorite sodium
indicator of pollution installation fire alarm
instrument bio adequate instrument ultrasonic
insulation reflecting isoprene synthetic
laser gas latex synthetic
laying corrugated cardboard lighter electric
lime unslaked liquid cleaning and disinfecting
liquid cleaning and preservative lithium carbonic
lithium chloride lithium hydroxide
lithium metallic lock electromechanical
locker tool lubricant silicone
machine cream applying machine sewing
machine-tool cut-off margarine delicacy
margarine low fat margarine low-caloric
margarine medium caloric margarine universal
mat basaltic mat mineral cotton
material basalt fiber material basaltic
meter humidity meter shape
methyl chloride mini cooling towers water supply
ministation office mirror holographic
mixer electromechanical mixture protective
mixture salt mower rotary
objective lens radiation-resistant ovoscope translucent
panel code phyto preparation oily
plexiglass aviation plexiglass extrusion
plexiglass illuminating plexiglass sanitary engineering
plexiglass technological pneumatic vacuum cleaner industrial
polymer polyol polymethyl methacr suspension and beaded
polymethyl methacrylate granular power drill hand
power-saw bench ribbon saw press screw
primer suspension primer paint water
pump electric radio phone multi-channel
radio receiver stationary raw-rubber isoprene
reactant anti- glaze respirator anti gas and aerosol
ripper hack mechanical rock limestone
salt neutral sealant glue repair
sealed chamber terminal cable sensor air flow
sensor infestation separator mechanical
separator churn mechanical sheet asbestos-cement
sheet hollow sheet shaped
sower seed-growing spinning-wheel electric
sprayer paint spraying gun electrostatic
spraying gun triboelectric squeezer electric
substance disinfectant suction pump surgical
system alarm system digital-analog
table bench-work telephone dial
tensometer belt saw thermoplastic machine automatic casting
trailer tank heat-insulated Transformer current sensing
trolleybus city truck car
turbine expander helium turbine expander hydrogen
turbine expander vapor-liquid tyre agricultural
underpans plastic unit aspiration
unit charging and recharging unit electron-beam
unit gasification unit laser
unit oxygen unit photofluorographic
unit X-ray TV vacuum cleaner electric
vacuum cleaner home vibrosieve paint
video door intercommunication syst coded