FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
additive anti- braking air heater electric
aluminium chloride apiphytotoxin nonalcoholic
article ornamental balance analytical
balance corrosion-resistant balance technological
bench control test block electric heater
block monitoring bolometer micromechanical
building container building process
cabinet cooling clay embrocater line
clay purifier disk clay ripper tandem
clay ripper twin-shaft column helicopter
compensator displacement compensator engine
compressor audio construction unit framed
construction unit frameless crane bridge
crane-stage loader container crossbar structural
crushing machine corn cyclohexanone technological
defectoscope ultrasonic device command
device heating device print
device proportioning device tubular
dumper oscillations electric convector heater wall
electric furnace glowing erbicide powder
facility detecting fence decorative
filling cement filter fuel purification
fireplace electric foamed construction unit water-resistant
fungicide powder furrower motor block
gage density gage strand tension
gage strength gauge thermal conductance
grid fiber grill electric
hardness meter dynamic harrow high-speed
heat counter-recorder electromagnetic heater two-cell
heating boiler electric herbicide multi purpose
herbicide postemergence holder semi-ferrule
hoppper batching horn shoe
hose brake hydraulic tappet compensating
illuminator charts indicator voltage
insecticide emulsion insecto-acaricide emulsion
installation carbonation installation drying
installation drying and disinfecting installation electric calorifer
installation foam concrete mixing installation soldering
integrated circuit matrix item cart
key-remover can-opening kit ophthalmologic
ladder jack laminator plate
lamp console lamp spotlight
lamp ultraviolet lantern decorative
laser fiber laser helium-cadmium
laser waveguide lectric burner stove
lens contact light catcher insect
line cutting loader diesel
loading rack side lock electromagnetic
machine bending and rolling machine candy cut-off
machine card-cutting machine casing-in
machine creasing and cutting machine ditching and trenching
machine glazing machine gumming
machine jigging machine labeling
machine packing machine plastering
machine plough-snow-removing machine punching and creasing
machine rock-cutting machine score
machine snow-ploughing machine tempering
machine weighing-and-filling machine weighing-and-filling capping
machine wire stitching machine tool collaring
machine tool hatching machine tool perforation
machine tool rolling machine tool rounded
manifold oil duct mastic bitumen
mastic bituminous-polymer member resilient
meter oscillations meter profilometer
meter radiation meter vibration
micro marble fractionated micro-motorcycle road
microsystem measuring microsystem monitoring
milk cooler farmer mini micro-motorcycle road
mini motorcycle goods mini saturator water
mixer blood mixer electric
mixer free-fall mixture adhesive
mixture Bordeaux mixture flame resistant
mixture PVC mixture single-component
mixture tile module fire fighting
module mounting motor block agricultural
motor block multi-purpose motorailer passenger
motorcycle road mounting equipment
mounting tank mower motor block
net polyethylene nozzle gas-flame
oil tall olystyrene high
ophthalmocompensator prism otato-digger double-row
oven baking paint flame resistant
paint open-air paint water deluting
panel door intercommunication system paper asphalt-laminated
paper masut-laminated peck tall
perforator jet pickup vacuum
pigment blue pincers electric
plank preparation plaster cement
plaster lime plough quadruple-effect
plug bipolar poster fire-prevention
potassium chloride potentiometer self-recording
pouch tool powerboat high-speed
press binding and squeezing press calendar
press printing press printing and gilding
prime coating nutrient prime coating specialized
primer bitumen-polymeric primer deep penetrating
primer epoxy primer surface
primer tread primer water deluting
printer bar code production pipe lines
proportioner pneumatic pulp sulfate
putty glazier's putty starting
putty synthetic pyrometer microprocessor
rack cantilever rack flow
radiometer small-sized radiometer-dosimeter laser
reactor intermixing reader electronic
refluxer compensating refrigerator four-way
remover multi-purpose ruller skiascopy
rust-inhibiter protective saturator automatic
saturator water scales home
self-recording unit electronic semi-trailer special purpose
semiautomatic device blowing semiautomatic device pipe-filling
semiautomatic machine filling semitrailer construction unit carrying
semitrailer heavy-weight set knitted
set moderate set screwdriver
set simplified sleeve-protector protecting
snow-plough double-track socket binary
socket one-place socks protective
sodium chloride source electric power
source infra-red sower fine-seeding
spectrometer acoustooptical sprayer pull-type
stove portable sulfur colloid
sulfur milled sweater heat-resistant
switch two-key system multi gas
table vendor's tank air
taximeter car tether safety
thyratron pulse tower rectification
trailer powerboat trailer specialized
trailer tourist train clean sweep
train snow-removal train switch-carrying
transporter wheeled tube heat-insulating
unit assembly unit blowing
unit grain processing unit packing
unit proving furnace unit trimming
vaporiser warming-up varnish vinyl chloride
vest protective vibroinsulator engine
vibroplatform mixture tightening vibropress automatic
video door intercommunication multiuser water boiler electric
waterproofer penetrating waterproofer plastering
waterproofer seam waterproofer surface
whitener liquid whitewash garden
whitewash glue witch one-key