FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Aircraft low-weight engine Altimeter parachutist
Analyzer mining Analyzer portable
Antechamber decorated Antechamber small
Antechamber three-sectional Antechamber two-sectional
Automobile gritter Automobile special
Automobile watering and washing Azu beef
Balyk pork Beacon pulse
Bedsheet disposable Beef smoked and boiled
Beef special Belt sewing
Block-Container metal Board electric
Board electrotechnical Boiler heating
Boiler hot-water Boned Gammon pork
Box electrotechnical Braid polyvinylchloride
Bread meat Brick ceramic
Brisket pork Brisket smoked and boiled
Building mobile Bushing guide
Cabinet electrotechnical Cabinet wall
Cable balanced Cable power
Cable radio-frequency Cable telephone
Cable vision Calender ironing
Canopy gas-station Cap rubber
Car metal Catheter intravascular
Centrifuge laundry Cereal buckwheat
Cereal millet Cereal pea
Cereal rice Cereal semolina
Chamber brake Chamber collapsible
Chamber refrigerating Chandelier electric
Chickens smoked and boiled Chuck mechanical
Closet bed Closet three-leaf
Closet two-leaf Cock drain
Composition toner Compost peat and manure
Condom rubber Cooler automobile
Counter trading Coverlet linen
Crane pneumatic Crusher rotary
Cutlets packed Cylinder pneumatic
Dentine-Cement zincsulphate Device electrosurgical
Device lighting Dispenser proportional
Display case freezing Display case refrigerating
Drink dessert Drum drying
Dyestuff peat Electrode electric
Erector vacuum Fabric canvas
Fabric furniture Fabric half kapron
Fabric laminated Fabric linen
Fabric tablecloth Fillet beef
Filter stationary Finger-Stall rubber
First-Aid kit automobile First-aid kit industrial
First-aid kit office Flange lining plate
Floodlight electric Footwear fashionable
Fried dish beef Fried dish pork
Gas Analyzer individual Gas Analyzer measuring
Gas Analyzer portable Gas Analyzer stationary
Generator calibrating Georgian ravioli packed
Gland lavatory basin Glass liquid
Gloves anatomic Gloves domestic
Glue bone Glue casein
Goulash beef Goulash pork
Governor brake Gravel keramzite
Grip mechanical Ham beef
Ham pork Ham smoked and biled
Head connecting Heel fashioned
Heel-Tap shaped Hemosorption one-pump
Hemosorption two-pump Hose watering
Hydrodistributor sectional Ice Generator automobile
Installation pile Installation well point
Irradiator electric Jersey top
Knife mechanical Lamp fluorescent
Lamp halogen Lamp incandescent
Lamp luminescent Lamp table
Lamp wall Leather artificial
Light glide-path Light starting
Linen bed Liquor creamy
Luminaire celling Luminaire explosion-proof
Luminaire lighting Luminaire pendant
Luminaire railway Machine chain-slotting
Machine concreting Machine fertilizer gtrain
Machine washing Machine Tool band
Machine Tool band gashing Machine Tool rouding
Made dish meat Mains electric
Mastic adhesive Material roof
Material stamping Mayonnaise packed
Meat beef Meat minced
Meat pork Membrane water
Microhotbed peat Minced meat sausages pork
Modulator control Moisture and greese separator automobile
Mortar Mill special Mower rotary
Napkin disposable Napkin linen
Napkin souvenir Neck pork
Network shielding Panel light
Passage concentric Paste stomatologic
Paste - Bandage stomatologic Peat briquetted
Peat compost Peat fuel
Peat milled Peat nutritious
Pelmeni (Ravioli) packed Pin tractor
Pipe polyethylene Pipe-Bend seamless
Plant dewatering Plant gaz analyzing
Plant vacuum Plastic stomatologic
Plate breast Plate heel
Plate leather fibre Plate leather-cloth
Plate non-porous Plate oil-resistant
Plate porous Plate preventive
Plate rubber Pork grill
Power-Saw Bench vertical Protector freezing
Pump concrete Pump diaphgram
Rig boring Ring rubber
Roll pork Roller semi-vulcanite
Rug rubber Runner rubber
Sand building Sausage boiled
Sausage half-smoked Sausage smoked and boiled
Sconce electric Seal elliptic
Searchlight electric Semiautomatic device parachute
Set spacing Set table
Shaft rubberised Show-Case low-temperature
Show-Case medium-temperature Signalling Device automobile
Signalling Device thermochemical Smokemeter microprocessor
Soil peat Sole leatherette
Sole profile Sole shaped
Solvent chemical Spareribs pork
Spear - Scarifier central Spear - Scarifier side
Sphere children's Station fuel dispensing
Station fuel-supply Station gas-distributing
Stockinet linen Stone masonry
Sugar packed Table-Cloth linen
Tank fuel Tank truck transport
Tape insulation Tee welded
Tie pork Tincture bitter
Tincture semisweet Tincture sweet
Tonometer diaphragm Towel linen
Undercut pork Underthings underclothes
Unit automatic Unit charging
Unit control Unit pumping
Unit water-purifying Urinal male
Valenki (Felt Boots) coated Valenki (Felt Boots) special
Valve accelerating Valve brake
Valve brake Valve brake release
Valve bypass Valve check
Valve control Valve control
Valve disconnecting Valve feeding
Valve protective Valve restrictor
Valve safety Van special-purpose
Vareniki (Dumplings) packed Varnish parquet
Varnish separating Vest camouflaged
Vest delivery Vest mechanic's
Vest signal Waistcoat warm
Welt polyvinylchloride Wire brush
Wire electrode Wire jumper
Wire telephone Wrapping cut-in
Wursts grill