FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Additional gathering covering Additional gathering overlaping
Agent cleaning Angle Bar hollow
Armchair easy Arrangement damper
Arrangement isolation Arrangement vapor sealing
Arrangement waterproofing Astringent polymer-bitumen
Attached Column marble Bag plastic
Bait insecticidal Baluster marble
Bath corner Bath rectangular
Beam covering Beam rafter
Beam secondary Bidet marble
Bleach oxygen Block building
Block concrete Block garage
Block girth Block of headers
Block railing Board insulation
Boat inflatable Bridging framework
Broom Brush automobile
Brush clothing Brush crockery
Brush plastic Bulldozer caterpillar
Bulldozer pneumowheel Cabin sanitation
Cartridge filtering Catch pot glue
Certification anhydride Certification boiler
Certification bridge Certification canvas
Certification cement Certification chalk
Certification clay Certification compound
Certification cotton wool Certification crosstie
Certification crown edge Certification crude product
Certification crushed rock Certification designs
Certification detail Certification documentation
Certification door Certification equipment
Certification fiber glass Certification frame
Certification glass Certification glass block
Certification glass pack Certification glass-fiber plastic
Certification gravel Certification joint sealant
Certification lime Certification limestone
Certification linoleum Certification mast
Certification material Certification metalware
Certification mirror Certification mixture
Certification paint Certification pebble
Certification pigment Certification pipe
Certification plaster Certification plaster
Certification plastic Certification polyfoam
Certification product Certification production
Certification putty Certification radiator
Certification rolled metal Certification sand
Certification saw-timber Certification section
Certification service Certification stone
Certification tower Certification varnish
Certification window Cock ball
Collector connecting Colouring facade
Column concrete Column structure
Compact marble Component pipeline
Concentrator computerized Consolidation soil
Contact magnetic Cotton Wool mineral
Coupling angle coupling Coupling direct
Coupling tapered Cover well
Crane Truck telescopic Cream anti-insecticide
Cream shoe polishing Crossbar concrete
Crossbar ferro-concrete Crosspiece connecting
Design scaffold Detector acoustic
Dismantling of falsework Door balcony
Door chamber Door flush
Door panneled Door steel
Door window Door wooden
Electric heater capacitive Electric heater continuous
Element channel Element column
Element coupling Element covering
Element entrance Element fence
Element fencing Element loggia
Element mine Element rack
Element straining beam Elevator water-jet
Emulsion antiinsecticidal Excavation common
Facing pilaster Fillet marble
Filling wall Filter fire resistant
Fireplace marble Flag paving
Flight of stairs Frame building
Framework steel Gate rolling
Gate single-back Gate sliding
Glue mineral Glue special-purpose
Glue tile Grid steel
Handling earth Hatch chamber
Heater electric Heater steam-water
Heater water-moderated Immunotherapy out-patient
Impregnation waterproof Item embedded
Item ferroconcrete Lamp floor
Landing stair Lantern antiaircraft
Layout bottom Leaded panel steel
Lintel block building Lintel block concrete
Lintel block ferro-concrete Locker escritoire
Locker telephone Mat heat-insulating
Mesh reinforcement Mix assembly
Mix cement Mix claydite-concrete
Mix concrete Mix gypsum
Mix leveling Mix mortar
Mix road concrete Mix self-leveling
Mix troweling Mop floor
Mortar building Mortar decorative
Mortar finishing Mortar limy
Mortar repair Mud trap pipeline
Napkin abrasive Napkin viscose
Nishe decorative Oil soybean
Oil sunflower-seed Paint water-dispersed
Panel bridging Panel bridging and spacing
Panel covering Panel decorative
Panel reinforced concrete Panel smooth
Panel wall Partition balcony
Partition loggia Passage straight
Pedestal angular Pedestal radiohardware
Pile concrete Pile reinforced concrete
Pipe ferro-concrete Pipe steel
Pipefilter drainage Plaster building
Plate barrier Plate base
Plate guard rail Plate periclase
Plinth marble Post reinforced concrete
Powder washing Primer finishing
Product embedded Product refractory
Railing balcony Railing loggia
Railing metal Rigging formwork
Rigging reinforcement Rigging scaffolding
Ring well Rotameter gas
Rotameter liquid Rug massage
Rug water absorbing Sack garbage
Section mounting Section of junctions
Semioveralls work Set kitchen
Shaft ventilating Shrot food
Shrot soya Shrot sunflower
Slab airfield-grade Slab drainage
Slab floor Slab floor spacer
Slab for loggia Slab reinforced concrete
Slab road Slab roof
Slab walkway Sponge bath
Sponge car Sponge dish-washing
Sponge massage Sponge shoe
Spreader stressed Stack book
Step concrete Step reinforced concrete
Stone border Stone sidewalk
Structure draw-well Structure reinforced concrete
Support steel System fire-fighting
System garbage removal Table folding
Tabletop marble Tee connecting
Test certification Tile ceramic
Truss Truss secondary
TV Set black-and-white TV Set color
Unit ventilating Valve air
Vest rigger's Visor mine
Wainscot wall Wardrobe
Wardrobe linen Washstand angular
Washstand marble Washstand overlay
Washstand unit-cast Window Sill marble
Window-Frame polyvinylchloride Window-Frame wooden