FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Air-gun unificated Aircraft multi-purpose
Ammunition leather Amplifier differential
Amplifier four-channel Amplifier low-frequency
Amplifier power Amplifier rotary
Amplifier subscriber Analyzer blood
Analyzer urine Annunciator fire
Antenna horn-lens Antenna reflector-type
Antenna transmitting Apparatus telephone
Armchair supervisor's Armchair working
Arrangement blind area Arrangement coating
Arrangement foundation Arrangement sidewalk
Article drain Assembling partition
Assembling stained glass Assembling window
Autoanalyzer hematologic Backgammon oriental
Bag tool Bar reinforcing
Barrel shoe Beam balance
Beam floor Beam reinforced concrete
Bed functional Bed sesquialter
Belt waist Belt-Bag tool
Bench gymnastic Billiard desktop
Billiard sporting Blanket wadded
Block reinforced concrete Block road
Block shaft Block window
Board insulating Board ironing
Board multi-purpose Board school
Board window-sill Bolt hasp
Boots leather Border ceramic
Bracelet tool Brick fire
Brick lime-sand Bridge ggymnastic
Broach file diamond Bus passenger
Bush overlapping Cabinet metal
Chair half soft Chair school
Chair soft Chair-Bed one-place
Channel reinforced concrete Chess sporting
Chute culvert aqueduct Clothing uniform
Coagulator cold-plasma Coating facade
Column reinforced concrete Complex athletic-training
Complex garage Complex multifunctional
Complex psychodiagnostic Component construction
Component module Computer multiuser
Conditioner electric mains Connection assembly
Console eight channel Controller piezoresonant
Convector heating Converter multiplex
Cotton Wool heat-insulating Counter notes
Cover fuel tank Coverlet jacquard
Curtain window Dermatome electric
Design computer Design polygraphic
Design software Desk school
Detector infra-red Detector infrared
Detector photo-electric Detector ultrasonic
Device combined Device electro blasting
Device sound Device ultrasonic
Dialer digital Diesel generator mobile
Diesel generator stationary Disk abrasive
Disk cuttoff Disk diamond
Door polyvinylchloride Door pressure-tight
Drag diamond Drainage zinc-coated
Dress ladies' Drill diamond
Drill electric Electric generator portable
Electro block reinforced concrete Element balcony
Element barrier Element building structure
Element ferro-concrete Element staircase
Exciter sound Fabric blending
Fabric cotton Fabric viscose
Facility radiography Fan thermal
Filler mastic Folding divan double
Folding divan soft Frame supporting
Framework reinforcing Funnel drain-pipe
Furniture upholstered Garage prefabricated
Gauge brake Generator microwave
Generator neutron Glass Cutter diamond
Glazing binding Glazing door
Glazing partition Grating louvre
Gun thermal Hack-Saw bench
Hatch fireproof Hatch sealed
Head grinding Holster tool
Horse valting Improvement territory
Insertion diamond Instrument medical
Instrument ophthalmologist Instrument therapeutic
Irradiator disinfecting Item concrete
Item reinforced concrete Item tapping
Laboratory angioneurologic Lap diamond
Loader frontal Lock electric
Lock garage Lock hasp
Lock hinged Loggia ferro-concrete
Lumber coniferous Machine multiuser
Mastic roof Mat gymnastic
Material waterproofing Matress wadded
MIDI-Synchronizer conversion Mini mixer four-channel
Mix quick set Module thermoelectric
Monitor radiation Monitor reanimation
Mop Mortar cement
Mortar masonry Motor-pomp mobile
Motor-pomp stationary Muffler noise
Napkin cleaning Napkin household
Night-Shirt Oscilator crystal
Package heating Paint brick and concrete
Paint oil Panel control
Panel frieze Panel socle
Panel-formwork wall Pants man's
Partition ferro-concrete Partition mine
Pencil diamond Photoflash electronic
Piece roof Pipe gas-supply
Pipe refuse chute Plastic foam heat-insulated
Plastic foam tile Plate underslating
Pouch tool Power Unit multipurpose
Product polygraphic Product tambour
Rack hall Rack sports
Radio cable Rail ladder
Railing site Receiver digital
Recorder analog-digital Reservoir rotary formed
Ripper-dozer caterpillar Sandpaper grinding
Sanitation car city Saw electric
Scanner multifunctional Screen heat
Section barrier Selector polarizing
Sensor ceiling Sensor fracturing
Sensor pressure Sensor two-element
Sensor versatile Server communication
Server multiuser Service complex
Service surveyor Set of details
Set sanitary engineering Shield basketball
Skip ventilation Slab balcony
Snow Loader milling Source power
Sponge foam-rubber Stand educational
Station telephone Steel reinforcing
Step-ladder four-stage Step-ladder three-stage
Stool dining room Suite bedroom
Suite equipment Suite office
Suite table Sundress print
Support stationary Suspension Bracket tool
Synthesizer home Synthesizer programmable
System radio relay System transmitter-receiver
System ventilating Table coffee
Table computer Table dinner
Table office Table teacher's
Tile foundation Transistor average-power
Transistor low-power Transistor power
Tunnel reinforced concrete Uniform camouflaged
Unit communication Unit mine
Unit power Unit water-supply
Unit welding Unit x-ray
Unitor channel Valve charging
Valve fireproof Wall sustaining
Wall cabinet compact Wall cabinet drawing-room
Wall cabinet office Waterheater electric
Well sewage Wiper diamond