FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Apparatus telegraph Area technological
Armature assembly Arrangement base
Arrangement drainage Arrangement fencing
Arrangement filter Arrangement flower-garden
Arrangement lawn Arrangement pile
Arrangement slope Arrangement tunnel
Arrangement water drain Arrangement way
Arrangement well Assembling heating
Assembling sewage system Assembling water supply
Automobile dual-purpose Automobile farm
Band multiply Bank capacitor
Bed single Bench fitter's
Bench repair Bench wooden
Block doorway Block foundation
Block intermediate Block resistor
Block resistor-capacitor Block tunnel
Bogie automobile Boiler five-litre
Box gear Box inspection
Bread oat Bread rye-wheat
Bread wheat Bread wheat-rye
Bun pastry Cable control
Cam back Capacitor ceramic
Capacitor mica Cardiostimulator gullet
Care garden Care greenery planting
Carpet gas Case subscriber
Chair folding Chandelier five-horn
Chandelier three-horn Choker
Chuck lather Clam-Shell jaw
Clearing reservoir Clip pump
Closet five-sectional Closet three-sectional
Closet universal Coat-Hanger pullout
Complex learning Component refuse chute
Component system Composition finishing
Composition frontage Concentrator telephone
Concrete insulating Concrete Mixer electric
Container garbage Container box cold
Coupler electric Cover peeler disk
Covering ground Covering reverse
Crystal led Cultivation soil
Cultivator electric Cultivator garden
Desk two-pedestal Device communication
Device startup Device subscriber
Device telephone Disassembly of covering
Discharger gated Display case floor
Door glazed Door interroom
Drainage metal Drink nonalcoholic
Drink wine Drive air
Drive electric motor Drive hand
Ear Rings gold Ear Rings silver
Electric motor boat Electric Motor induction
Electric Motor low-power Electric Motor stepping
Electric panel concrete Electric squeezer household
Element concrete Element frame structure
Element refuse chute Element structure
Emulsion road Engine cylindrical
Engine drum Equipment excavating
Equipment skidding Erection column
Erection support Errection building
Errection pier Escapement
Exposure of instrument Extraction of pile
Extraction of well point Fabric acidificated
Fabric checkered Fabric half white
Facility asphalt repair Facility hydromanipulator
Facility infrared Faclity tire fitting
Fastening bottom Fastening side
Fell tree Filter household
Fire Extinguisher backpack Form architectural
Form steel Funnel discharge
Furniture cabinet Furniture children's
Furniture office Gasket plumbing
Gasket porcelain Gate refuse chute
Gear lifting Generator current
Generator signal Generator synchronous
Generator tachometer Glass Pack glued
Glue dispersive Granule frothed
Ground lead installation Grubbing stub
Hack garden Handle door
Handle wooden Hatch sewage
Hatch well Head de-aerating
Heater gas Heating Plant modular
Hinge door Hinge escritoire
Hinge four-joint Hinge trellis
Hoe garden Holder knives
Hose hydroengineering Hub porcelain
Hydraulic cylinder piston Immersion pile
Immersion well point Inspection Hole heating system
Installation rolling-out Installation thermo-pressing
Insulator base Insulator feedthrough
Insulator porcelain Insulator rod
Insulator support-rod Intercom apartment
Intercom single-family Jack hydraulic
Jack screw Jacking tendon
Knife alsatian Knife bread
Knife root Knife special
Knife universal Lifter electromechanical
Lifter hinged Lifter mobile
Lifter platform Linen sheet
Locker wooden Long Loaf threaded
Machine drying Machine electroarc
Machine fibre-extracting Machine joggling
Machine joint Machine projection
Machine repair Machine seam
Machine spot Machine spreading
Machine spreading and ripping Machine trailed
Machine tree planting Machine Tool rough-grinding
Making medal Manipulator hydraulic
Manufacturing badge Manufacturing symbol
Manufacturing token Meter immittance
Meter noise Microvoltmeter selective
Minibus special Motor induction
Napkin jacquard Nippers welding
Pastry short Pedestal floor
Pedestal three-cassette Phone operative
Phone push-button Plate celling
Plate cellular polystyrene Plate spacing
Plinth celling Press horizontal
Pump household Radiator electric
Radiator water Radio Station pick-and-go
Radio Station vhf Raker garden
Receiver domestic Relay automobile
Relay electromagnetic Repair major
Ring porcelain Roll rich
Samovar electric Sconce double horn
Scoop planting Scoop table
Seal-Ring gold Seal-Ring silver
Semiautomatic device arc Service tea
Set of cupboards Set of tables
Shelf floor Shelf wall
Shelf stand wooden Socket celling
Stand wooden Stool dining room
Substation transformer Suite drawing-room
Suite kitchen Support tire
Suppressor excess-voltage Switch emergency
Table angular Table lecture hall
Table one-pedestal Table working
Table writing Table-Cloth jacquard
Thermode signalling Tire plain
Tire reinforced Traction bar insulating
Tractor dragging Tractor forest-fire fighting
Tractor forestry Transformer arc
Transformer contact Transformer step-down
Unit charging Unit flax processing
Unit tow and spinning Unit welding
Untwisting machine rolls Water drinking
Wire connecting Wire distributing
Wire installation Wire interconnecting
Wire motor and tractor Wire uninsulated
Wire winding