FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Accumulator alkaline Acid ascorbic
Adapter connecting Alarm intruder and fire
Alpha - Ascorbinat sodium Aminalon powder
Amplifier antenna Amplifier electric
Amplifier thyristor Amplitron pulse
Ampoule glass Angle Bar ceramic
Angle Bar furniture Antenna omnidirectional
Antenna plane Antennal parabolic
Apparatus laser Apparatus measuring
Apparatus welding and starting Asphalt paver wheel
Attraction inflatable Automobile cross-country
Bailer bag Ballast spreader suspended
Ballast spreader trailer Balloon gas
Barrel tumbling Barrow lawn-and-garden
Basin household Batcher volume
Bath galvanic Battery metal-air
Battery storage Bicycle baby
Bicycle juvenile Bin collecting
Biostimulant therapeutic Blade grading
Blinkers children's Block of clamps
Block of resistors Blouse day nursery
Board information and advertising Body cover
Bogie hydraulic Bolt parallel
Bolt wedge Bonnet day nursery
Boot idler Bottle glass
Box letter Box plastic
Box resistance Box safety
Box switching Bracket furniture
Bracket sanitary engineering Bracket steel
Bracket universal Brush average
Brush front Brush lateral
Brush polymer-abrasive Buckle steel
Building inflatable Bushing coupling
Butine diol 1/4 Cabinet control
Cabinet distribution Can glass
Capacitor aligning Car passenger
Car unloader dumping Card telephone
Case base Case filter
Case resonator Case siphon
Chassis caterpillar Clamp double
Clamp unary Clamp handle door
Clip retention Closet dispatch
Closet explosion-proof Clothes hook linen
Clothes-Rack combined Cock spherical
Coil sensor Column fuel-filling
Compass magnetic Complex antenna amplifier
Complex program-technical Computing unit summing
Connected unit dynamic Contactor electromagnetic
Controller master Controller off-line
Controller programmed Controller rheostat
Controller - Regulator low local Controller - Regulator programmable
Controller-Regulator local Converter frequency
Converter functional-computing Converter normalizing
Converter temperatures Converting unit nonlinear
Conveyor band Conveyor caterpillar
Conveyor chain Conveyor screw
Conveyor special Coupler bidirectional
Coupler directional Coupler hybrid
Coupling screw Cover polyethylene
Cramp furniture Crucible type-high
Cruhser jaw Crusher cone
Crusher hammer Crusher special
Cultivator vertical Cup orthopedic
Cylinder glass Damper chain
Demanol solution Device adjustment
Device antijoy ride Device cash registering
Device connecting Device control
Device electronic Discharger vibratory
Disconnector unipolar Dispenser hydraulic
Dispenser self-flowing Divider eight-channel
Divider four-channel Divider two-channel
Dough Machine electromechanical Dowel-hub cleat
Dressing Gown man's Dropper disposable
Electric heating radiator sectional Element lithium
Gauge board resistor Heater gas
Iron electric Jacket children's
Jacket ladies' Jumper children's
Jumper man's Knickers
Knickers ladies' Lamp domestic
Lamp miner's Lighter piezoelectric
Oven - Fireplace household Pants children's
Panty-Hose children's Panty-Hose ladies'
Piece well Pile composite
Pile driven Pile foundation
Pipe bearing Pipe electrowelded
Pipe profile Pipe thin-walled
Pipe water Pipe water-gas-supply
Pipe welded Pipe Column basic
Pistol electronic Placing sign
Plant gaz Plaster facade
Plastering surface Plate cellular polystyrene
Portland Cement decorative Portland Cement rapid-hardening
Powder calcareous Powder mineral
Preparation of concrete Product architectural - building
Products sheet Profile plate-type
Protection bay window Protection of sites
Putty universal Pyjamas children's
Radiator heating Rail (Monorail) single
Railing steel Refrigerator household
Removal layer Rheostat exciter
Rigging framework Rigging platform
Rigging roof timbers Road Metal calcareous
Road Metal granite Road Metal gravel
Road Metal rock Rolled metal thin sheet
Romper Suit day nursery Safety Lock automatic
Sand bank Sand keramzite
Sand natural Sealant curable
Sealant expanding Sealant polysulfide
Section metal Section rectangular
Section steel Set consruction
Set ladies' Set man's
Setting pointer Sheathing wood
Shelf stand corner Shelter metal
Shock-Absorber hydraulic Shunt electrotechnical
Slab calcareous Slab decorative
Slab facing Slab granite
Slab loggia Slab marble
Slab mineral wool Slab protective
Slab stone Slab travertine
Sleeve coupling Socket electric
Socks children's Socks ladies'
Socks man's Span
Species carbonate Spreader framework
Stacking casing Stand steel
Station control Steel large size
Step stair Step-Ladder steel
Stone ceramic Stone foundation
Stone frieze Stone laster
Stone paving Structure channel
Suit sports Suite day nursery
Suite nursery Support city
Support combined Support demountable
Support floating Support foot
Support metal Support railway
Support road Support special
Switch gang Table side
Tank flush Tape polymer
Tape sealing Thermoswitch electric
Tile decorative Tile facing
Toilet Bowl plate-shape Top musical
Topping floor Trousers children's
Trousers ladies' Trousers men's
Trousers sports Type IS cement sulfate-resistant
Under-Shirt Undershirt man's
Vest man's Warmth-keeping slab
Washer stainless Washstand oval
Wiring network Wiring wirework