FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Eddy roller grinding Elbow siphon
Electric Drive asynchronous Electric heater self-stabilizing
Electric installation melting Electric installation purifying
Electric installation quenching Electric installation soldering
Electric installation thermal processing Electric installation welding
Electric Motor commutator Electric Range household
Electric Range portable Electric shepherd electric
Engine diesel Equipment chemicothermal
Equipment non-standard Equipment snow-removal
Equipment thermal Equipment washing
Excavator mechanical Excavator-loader hydraulic
Facility cleaning Fan Heater centrifugal
Fan Heater electric Feeder locking
Feeder plate Fence welded
Film polyethylene Filter television
Fire Extinguisher aerosol Flowmeter ultrasonic
Frame generator Frame terminal
Framework furniture Funnel edible
Funnel outlet Fuse electric
Gadget assembly Gadget rigging
Gadget squizing Game table
Gate shutter Gauge thermal
Gauntlet special Generator high-frequency
Generator ultrasonic Georadar motor
Georadar pedestrian Georadar portable
Glassware laboratory Grain duct elevator
Grid plastic Grizzly bar
Groats quartz Hammer forging
Handle antitheft Handle art
Handle furniture Handle window
Harrow disk Head faucet
Heat Meter ultrasonic Hinge butt
Hinge furniture Hinge-Latch furniture
Holder eggs Hood jumper
Hook decorative Hose fire
Housing car electronics Hygrometer portable
Indicator multifunctional Indicator ultrasonic
Indicator-receiver ship Installation crushing
Installation verification Instrument acupuncture
Instrument urological Iodovidon powder
Iodovidon solution Iron children's
Isophytol technical Isoplen coiled
Key special Kit assembling and dismantling
Kit gardener Klystron amplifier
Klystron oscillator Knife sawtooth
Knife straight Knob door
Knob-handle Ladle paternoster
Lamp anti-vandal Lamp decorative
Lamp hand Lamp souvenir
Lathe turning Level Gauge ultrasonic
Limiter parking Line galvanic
Line surfacing Loader hydraulic
Luminaire industrial Machine cargo
Machine coal-plough Machine copying
Machine crane boring Machine drilling-milling
Machine lifting-planishing Machine milling
Machine peat spreading Machine pipe bending
Machine refrigerating Machine sewing
Machine straightening-planing Machine stripping
Machine track repair Machine transport-domestic
Machine washing and drying Machine Tool sheeting
Machine Tool stone sawing Machine Tool universal
Machine tool wood-working Magnetron permanent
Magnetron pulsed Matrix butler's
Measuring Instrument computing Mechanism actuating
Mechanism furniture Meter power
Meter watthour Microbeads glass
Mikroglassballs waterproofing Mill band
Mill grinding Mill gringing
Mill roller-pendulous Mini radio set domestic
Mirror decorative Module bearing
Module foot Module hip
Module knee Module round-saw
Mono radio-recorder portable Monorail-wheeled trailer cargo
Mosaic desk Motor electric
Motor-scooter cargo Motorcycle high flotation ability
Motorcycle three-wheeled Motorcycle unified
Mower double-beam Mower-shredder rotary
Nail steel Nippers pull-off
Nippers riveting Nut furniture
Oil collector reservoir cleaning Oscilloscope portable
Outlet plastic Oven microwave
Package chip Package semiconductor
Pad switch Panel registration and distribution
Paperclip office Payphone push-button coinless
Peg clothes Perforator laser
Perforator pneumatic Pickup position
Pipe diffusion-thermal Pipe-Bending Machine hydraulic
Pipette glass Plant disposal
Plant filtration Plant mixing
Plating metal Plug plastic
Polyvinylpyrrolidone high-molecular Polyvinylpyrrolidone low-molecular
Polyvinylpyrrolidone middl-molecular Potentiometer adjustment
Powder cleaning Press single crank
Printed circuit board multilayered Prothesis orthopedic
Pulley pump Pump hydraulic
Pump plunger Pump small-sized
Pump well Rack angle
Rack telephone Radio portable
Radio extender telephone Railing barrier
Recorder locomotive Regulator power
Regulator temperature Regulator voltage
Regulator voltage Remover universal
Resistor fixed Resistor set
Resistor variable Resonator piezoelectric
Retraining of appraisers Retraining of engineers
Rig diffusive-oxidizing Rig epitaxial
Rig plasmachemical Roller tension
Roller Carriage grooved Roller Carriage straight
Running-mill mixing Salbutamid-Hemisuccinate powder
Sand Washer drag Sauna therapeutict-and-cosmetic
Scales bench Screen self-balancing
Screen unbalanced-throw Selector capacity
Selector manual Self-Feeder auger
Sensor gas Sensor humidity
Sensor microhumidity Sensor navigation
Sensor oxygen Sensor temperature
Sensor temperature Sensor-relay differential pressure
Sensor-relay pressure Sensor-relay temperature
Separator cream Separator liquid
Set educational Set fixing
Set man's Set overalls
Set plastic Set up unit integrating
Shelf stand elevator Sheller grain
Signalling Device gas Simulator audio-logopedic
Siphon plastic Soap Box travelling
Souvenir gift Spare Parts clip
Speedometer locomotive Splitter electric
Sprayer linen Stabilotron pulse
Stacker bags Starter contactor
Starter electric Starter reversing-type
Station control Station cooling
Station digital Station pumping
Station radio-relay Stem light-emitting diode
Stereo radio cassette player portable Stew-Pan anti-sticking
Stop furniture Stove garden
Strain gage transducer force Strain gage transducer pressure
Strobe unit receiving Suit field
Suite furniture Summing unit control
Summing unit damping Summing unit power
Summing unit warning Support connecting
Support furniture Support telescopic
Switch electric garland Switchboard distribution