FISinter (to initial point) Code Page utf-8
Aircraft superlight Alloy aluminium
Aluminium semi-conductor Angle Bar equal
Angle Bar figured Angle Bar protective
Bacon compressed Bag paper
Bag pergament Bag polyethylene
Bag polyethylene Bag polyethylene
Basturma beef course Bath acrylic
Bath cast-iron Bath washing
Bed folding Beef smoked
Bell electronic Bifidumbacterin sour milk
Billet tube Bogie cargo
Boned Gammon smoked and boiled Book relief
Bottle polyethylene terephthalate Box sterilizing
Bricks plastic Brisket pork
Brisket smoked and boiled Bucket polymeric
Cabinet index card Cabinet sterilizing
Calculator electronic Canned goods beef
Canned goods meat Canned goods pork
Carbonade smoked and boiled Cardboard packing
Case audiocassette Casket plastic
Changer current Chuck drilling
Cloak polyethylene Clock electronic
Clothes-Rack office Cold boiled pork baked
Collecting waste paper Complex x-ray
Compressor car Compressor oilless
Connection plug-and-socket Container plastic
Converter multichannel Converter rust
Cord telephone Corn-Crusher electric
Counter electronic Cover metal
Cover polyethylene Cream day
Creamery electric Curtain polyethylene
Cutting roll Delivery production
Dental drill dental mechanic Dental drill stomatologic
Detector motion Developer concentrated
Developer dry Device magnetooptic
Device starting and regulating Diazopaper photosensitive
Dishware disposable Dominoes children's
Drying Oil repair-and-building Electric Drive stomatologic
Electric Furnace arc Electric Furnace bell-type
Electric Furnace induction Electric Furnace mine
Electric mixer household Electric waterheater accumulative
Electric waterheater continuous Electric waterheater heating
Emitter injection Enamel automobile
Enamel maintenance-and-building Equipment batch measuring
Equipment clearing Equipment heating
Equipment painting Equipment testing
Equipment thread-screwing Equipment transport
Extension Cord telephone Film antiadhesive
Film energy-efficient Film holographic
Film polypropylene Film polyvinylchloride
Film thermocontractable Film x-ray
Filter cascaded disk Fixer concentrated
Fixer dry Flask volumetric
Flectric frying pan household Fluorograph filmless
Folder polyethylene Fork replanting
Form baking Form plastic
Formwork modular Furnace electric resistance
Game children's Game electronic
Gammon pork Gasket lumpy
Glass furniture Glass toned
Gloves polyethylene Grater manual
Hack-Saw narrow Ham compressed
Ham natural Ham baking machine household
Head thermoprinting Hinge planted
Hinge screw Hologram artistic
Hose polyethylene Hose polymeric
Hydraulic accumulator automated Hydraulic forging armature
Indicator oil Inhaler ultrasonic
Installation ion-plasmous Instrument physiotherapy
Jar measuring Knife kitchen
Knife wiring Ladle pouring
Ladle soup Lamp built in
Lamp landscape gardening Lamp metal-halide
Lamp street Lard salted
Laser injection Laying tampon printing
Line assembly Line sandwich panel
Machine dish-washing Machine drilling
Machine drilling Machine gear-shaping
Machine gear-shaving Machine polishing
Machine Tool gear autofrettaging Machine Tool gear packing
Machine Tool gear rounding Machine Tool gear sharpening
Machine Tool gear-honing Machine Tool spline-milling
Making furniture Manger special
Manufacturing reservoir Material composite
Meccano polyethylene Metal block continuously casted
Metal Cord automobile Metalware building
Meter atrain Meter water
Microassembly hybrid Microassembly specialized
Microcardioanalyzer electronic Microcomputer single-chip
Mincing machine electric Mirror fancy
Mirror furniture Mirror interior
Module computing Module polyethylene
Nail construction Neck smoked and boiled
Optoelectronic Couple transistor Oxygen bottle
Package documentation Paint acryl
Paint repair and building Panel - Sandwich wall
Panel-Sandwich roofing Paper heat-sealing
Paper printer Paper siliconized
Parchment roll Paste liver
Paste meat Pasteurizer electric
Pastroma pork Perforator skin
Photographic paper black-and-white Photographic paper technical
Photographic Plate high resolution Photographic Plate holographic
Photographic Plate technical Photoresist film
Pipe pressure Plane electric
Plant soya Plant vulcanizing
Plastic decorative Plate table
Plug polyethylene Polyethylene derivative
Polyethylene Terephthalate derivative Pork smoked and boiled
Postcard three-dimensional Press Material epoxy
Press mold technological Primer powder
Pump centrifugal Pump chemical
Pump gavel Pump mass
Switching unit ignition Syringe reusable
System control System electric
System informational alarm System security
System water-supply Table occasional
Table chair children's Tachograph automobile
Taximeter electronic Temperature Regulator aquarium
Test-tube glass Thermistor isolated
Thermistor monolithic Thermistor sealed
Thermistor unsealed Thermometer resistance
Tool electric welding Toy plastic
Trailer cargo Training advanced
Transceiver electric Transducer frequency
Transducer humidity Transducer instrument
Transducer pneumoelectric Transducer pressure
Transformer dry-type Transistor field-effect
Transistor silicon Tribune multisection
Trivitamin solution Tube laboratory
Tube lighting TV Set compact
TV Set portable Typewriter mechanical
Unit control Unit crushing
Unit electric pump Unit granulating
Unit hydrostatic testing Unit kitchen
Unit microprocessor Unit pulsed starting
Unit safety Unit sorting
Unit switching Unit test
Vacuum Cleaner floor Valve direct-flow
Valve thermostatic expansion Vial glass
Vibroconveyer horizontal Vitamin B2
Vitamin E Vulcanizer air bladder
Washer vibrating Washer zinced
Water and oil extractor air Wattmeter high-frequency
Wire aviation Wire enamel fibrous
Wire enameled