Balloon gas

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  •   Aeronautical and Space-Rocket Engineering and Equipment
    • Balloon gas Au-17
      Fastened aerodynamic. Hoisting by the mass to 150 kg on âûñ OTC to 1500 M.. Today this is aerostat with greatest ãðóçîïî äúåìíîñòüþ, serial produced in Russia.
    • Balloon gas Au-2
      For durable openair activity. Is oldest of êîíñòðóê öèåé. Simplicity in operation and the enormous margin against failure determined t at popularity, which the it uses all these years.
    • Balloon gas Au-9
      Excellent decision for major exhibitions, fairs, great doings (year day îðîäà, choices) and ìàðêåðíîé advertising. Best relation: volume / ðåêë àìíàÿ area.