Paint oil

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  •   Varnishes, paints, glues
    • Paint oil KM
      For internal and external works. On îëèôå "Îêñîëü" with the addition ñèíòå òè÷åñêèõ and alkyd resins.
    • Paint oil MA 15
      For external and internal îðäåëî÷íûõ works and for colour of metal and wooden artifacts.
    • Paint oil MA 25
      Building, for internal finishes. Are of different colours.
    • Paint oil MA-15
      Technical specification 2317-007-17201234-98. For external and internal finishes (except for sex colour).
    • Paint oil MA-15 okis hroma
      Green for roofs (on chromic oxide).
    • Paint oil MA-15 "Caricinskay"
      For roofs. With high tolerance for insolation, waters and so forth atmospheric phenomena.
    • Paint oil MA-15 "Hutaryanka"
      For external and internal works with ïîëóãëÿíöåâûì glance and deep colour tone.
    • Paint oil MA-15 "Kronos"
      For colour of metal and wood surfaces, excluding sexes, indoor and on the outside. Glabrous, even coating, resistant to àòìîñ ôåðíûì effects. Colour: red lead iron.
    • Paint oil MA-15/2
      For colour of metal, wood and other surfaces, incurring the atmospheric interactions and for premises colour.
    • Paint oil MA-15m
      For internal and external finish works at wood and ìåòàë ëè÷åñêèì surfaces, except for sexes colour.
    • Paint oil MA-25
      For external and internal finishes (except for colour sex war gas) and for colour of metal and wooden artifacts. To 20 is given the name information language of colours.
    • Paint oil Surik
      Mat. On îëèôå "Îêñîëü" with the addition synthetic and alkyd varnish in, iron oxide pigment.
  •   Building materials, structures, buildings and installations
    • Paint oil KMC
      Colour ready for application to internal works
    • Paint oil KMK
      Compositional, ready for application to internal works