Pipe polyethylene

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 Alongside with placing information about their goods and services on the FISinter, producers obtain registered unique identification of their goods and services to be used in the flow of documents composed by their counterparts.
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  •   Building materials, structures, buildings and installations
    • Pipe polyethylene PND
      For electrical wiring, water pipes, gas pipelines, amelioration, èçãîòîâ ëåíèÿ of hotbeds and other purposes on country-cottage plots.
    • Pipe polyethylene TPS
      From ñïèðàëüíîñøèòîãî polyethylene of PEX-à WIRSBO PEX outer diameter 16-110 MM and connecting details to them
    • Pipe polyethylene TPT
      Outer diameter 25-110 MM heat-insulated from polyethylene foam in corrugated the polyethilene shell of ECOFLEX-SUPRA
    • Pipe polyethylene TPTG
      From structured polyethylene of tidal power station (ÐÅÕ-à) outer diameter 20-110 MM heat-insulated from polyethylene foam in corrugated envelope "ECOFLEX-AQUA" "ECOFLEX-THERMO"
    • Pipe polyethylene TRPL
      For cable installation, as the hose may be utilized watering.
  •   Pipeline ware and reinforcement
    • Pipe polyethylene TRBNP
      Head, working the water pressure: 1, 0. 0, 63 MPa
    • Pipe polyethylene TRBPL
      For gas pipelines, working pressure: ãàç-0, 63 MPa (6, 3 êã/ñì2), water - 1Ìïà (10 êã/ñì2.
    • Pipe polyethylene VAN.TUBO
      For systems of cold and heat water supply of dwelling and industrial on úåêòîâ, systems of compressed-air supply, swapping systems ïðîìûøëåí Noy and food liquors.
  •   Household goods and ironmongery
    • Pipe polyethylene TRB
      From ÏÝÂÄ of all marks, diameter to 50 MM