Pipe polyethylene

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  •   Building materials, structures, buildings and installations
    • Pipe polyethylene PND
      For electrical wiring, water pipes, gas pipelines, amelioration, èçãîòîâ ëåíèÿ of hotbeds and other purposes on country-cottage plots.
    • Pipe polyethylene TPS
      From ñïèðàëüíîñøèòîãî polyethylene of PEX-à WIRSBO PEX outer diameter 16-110 MM and connecting details to them
    • Pipe polyethylene TPT
      Outer diameter 25-110 MM heat-insulated from polyethylene foam in corrugated the polyethilene shell of ECOFLEX-SUPRA
    • Pipe polyethylene TPTG
      From structured polyethylene of tidal power station (ÐÅÕ-à) outer diameter 20-110 MM heat-insulated from polyethylene foam in corrugated envelope "ECOFLEX-AQUA" "ECOFLEX-THERMO"
    • Pipe polyethylene TRPL
      For cable installation, as the hose may be utilized watering.
  •   Pipeline ware and reinforcement
    • Pipe polyethylene TRBNP
      Head, working the water pressure: 1, 0. 0, 63 MPa
    • Pipe polyethylene TRBPL
      For gas pipelines, working pressure: ãàç-0, 63 MPa (6, 3 êã/ñì2), water - 1Ìïà (10 êã/ñì2.
    • Pipe polyethylene VAN.TUBO
      For systems of cold and heat water supply of dwelling and industrial on úåêòîâ, systems of compressed-air supply, swapping systems ïðîìûøëåí Noy and food liquors.
  •   Household goods and ironmongery
    • Pipe polyethylene TRB
      From ÏÝÂÄ of all marks, diameter to 50 MM