Pipe steel

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  •   Building materials, structures, buildings and installations
    • Pipe steel TS D76-2020 mm
      With anticorrosion internal protective öåìåíòíî-ïåñ÷àíûì compensation
    • Pipe steel TS VACPP
      With internal anticorrosion öåìåíòíî-ïåñ÷àíûì compensation by the diameter from 108 to 2020ìì
    • Pipe steel TSEP
      Electric-welded line weld without thermal processing galvanized and íåîöèíêîâàííàÿ outer diameter to 114 MM, depth to 4 MM
    • Pipe steel TSEV
      Electric-welded water-gas-piping galvanized and íåîöèíêîâàííàÿ outer diameter to 114 MM, with depth to 4 MM. Threadless
    • Pipe steel TSS
    • Pipe steel TST
      Direct on external heat insulation for channelless lying of heat networks