Power Unit multipurpose

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  •   Welding equipment and materials
    • Power Unit multipurpose AS-4
      Mobile. Welding current 150À, 3êÂò, 1õ220Â, 50Ãö, post. Current 12/24Â, 112êã. On the basis of diesel of ADN43W
    • Power Unit multipurpose AS-5
      Mobile. Welding current 200À, 3êÂò, 1õ220Â, 50Ãö, post. Current 12/24Â, 122êã. On the basis of diesel of ADN54W
    • Power Unit multipurpose Rys-2
      Mobile. Welding current 240À; 7êÂò, 3õ380Â, 50Ãö; 4êÂò, 1õ220Â, 50Ãö; post. Current 12/24Â; 145êã; 1400õ464õ850ìì; on the basis of diesel of MD150, trolley on ïíåâìîõîäó; trailing device under car