Relay automobile

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  •   Electrotechnica, cable products and equipment
    • Relay automobile RS 502
      Short-time duty. For commutation of electric circuits âêëþ ÷åíèÿ of solenoid starter switch and automatic switching of po starter le of engine starting in cars , tractors and units of minute of defence.
    • Relay automobile RS 507 B
      Short-time duty. For inclusion of solenoid starter switch and resistance short-circuit in circuit of ignition coil in cars, tractors and units of Ministry of Defense.
    • Relay automobile RS 523
      Long-time behavior of work with normally-on contacts. For êîììóòà öèè of DC circuits in cars, tractors and units Ìèíèñ defence òåðñòâà.
    • Relay automobile RS 530
      Short-time duty. For commutation of DC circuit in cars, tractors and self-propelled units, supplied on ex port, as well as in spare parts to them.