Sanitation car city

FISinter (to initial point) Federative information system of producers on products and services
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 Placing information on the FISinter, producers provide opportunities to customers to recognize infringing items.
      Description of goods/services - Sanitation car city, is given under the below mentioned section of the FISinter.
      Enter the section and learn detailed description of the available trademarks and modifications of the goods/services - Sanitation car city.
  •   Municipal and domestic services
    • Sanitation car city KO-413
      Carrier vehicle - ÃÀÇ-3307.
    • Sanitation car city KO-431
      Carrier vehicle - ÇÈË-433362.
    • Sanitation car city MV-17-133
      For due of household waste and loading of them in feed box by hand, teleoperator robot àíñïîðòèðîâàíèÿ and discharging of waste product in place of utilization.