Socks children's

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 The FISinter offers unhampered placement of information to producers of goods and services.
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  •   Footwear, clothing, lingerie, and attendant accessories
    • Socks children's S-22
      Double. Cotton 71%, polyamide 29%. Certificate of conformance Ãîññòàíäàð that Russia.
    • Socks children's S-240
      Wool 19%, nitrone 45%, polyamide 36%. Amount 22. Certificate ñîîòâåòñò âèÿ of State standard department of Russia.
    • Socks children's S-273
      Cotton 100%. Certificate of conformance of State standard department of Russia.
    • Socks children's S109
      Interlacing of ïëþøåâîå. Composition: 80% - cotton, 20% - polyester. Amount 16 18, 20, 22, 24.
    • Socks children's S122
      Interlacing of ïëþøåâîå. Composition: 100% - cotton. Amount 20, 22.