Sponge shoe

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  •   Footwear, clothing, lingerie, and attendant accessories
    • Sponge shoe ALLIGATOR
      For care for shoe.
    • Sponge shoe Angliysky klub
      For care for shoe.
    • Sponge shoe Antisol
      Provides highly efficient protection against water, salt, as well as any " àíòèñíåæíûõ" compositions, which process road.
    • Sponge shoe FRANT
      For footwear cleaning.
    • Sponge shoe GO
      For footwear cleaning.
    • Sponge shoe Klassik
      Are infiltrated by the êðåì-ãåëåì, possesses tinting by the effect. Actual for particularly careful maintenance.
    • Sponge shoe Konservant
      To protect êîæàííûõ products in storage time.
    • Sponge shoe LEWI
      For care for shoe.
    • Sponge shoe Nubuk
      For maintenance for products from chamoi, íóáóêà, velour and them similar materials.
    • Sponge shoe Obuwi
      For warm, dry and dust-laden weather.