Tincture sweet

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  •   Foodstuff, beverages and their components
    • Tincture sweet "Barhatnye roga"
      Soft, slightly hot taste, rounded the aroma odourous of dogrose. R çðàáîòàíà in 1993.
    • Tincture sweet "Brusnichnaya"
      Composition: the alcohol ethyl ðåêòèôèêîâàííûé highest purification, the water drinkable and ñïðàâëåííàÿ, the cowberry Morse, the extracts of cinnamon and orange peel, Lima the ííàÿ acid. Fortress - 20%. Sugar - 18 ã/100ìë. |
    • Tincture sweet "Bugulminskaya ryabina"
      The harmonic combination of fruits ðÿáèíû of red and black-fruit with small àâàíèëèíà number of attaches piquant taste and pleasant co-ordinated the Aro mat.
    • Tincture sweet "Klekvennaya"
      Is fabricated on vintage recipe, has the pleasant sour-sweet taste and the cranberry aroma.
    • Tincture sweet "Klyukva na konyake"
      Full name: "Àëåêñàíäðîâñêàÿ cranberry on coniacian". Is prepared by original technology.
    • Tincture sweet "Klyukvennaya"
      Composition: alcohol ethyl ðåêòèôèêîâàííûé highest purification, water drinkable and ñïðàâëåííàÿ, cranberry Morse, extract of fresh orange peel, àïåëüñ èíîâîå butter. Fortress - 20%. Sugar - 18 ã/100ìë. |
    • Tincture sweet "Klyukvennaya"/2
      The tame severe northern nature has created the entire larder from ìíîãî÷èñë åííûõ useful substances, vitamins, microelements and bright acerb computer system whisker. And the infusion combine all these properties.
    • Tincture sweet "Klyukvennaya"/3
      From high-quality alcohol, treated water, with the addition of clam Morse KVA, sugar liquor and citric acid. Excellent cranberry taste and ðîìàò. |
    • Tincture sweet "Krasa Kuzbassa"
      Fortress 20%.
    • Tincture sweet "Limon na konyake"
      From high-quality grain alcohol, food additives and íàòóðàëüíîã on coniacian. The harmonicity, the piquancy, the soft tint the citrus ïðèä Ayu the delectable flavor drink.
    • Tincture sweet "Limonnik na konyake"
      Fortress 24%. Bottling 0, 5 L..
    • Tincture sweet "Lyubava"
      In the composition of the cowberry berries, the apples, the almond, the lime flower, balm citric, the caraway, the Origanum are included, cowberry pages. Fortress 20%. Sugar 19 ã/100 Cuba. refer to. The issue has started in 1998.
    • Tincture sweet "Marfa Posadnica"
      On the basis of high-grade tea and coniacian, grain alcohol, óìÿã÷åííîé in CD ROM, sugars with the addition of Origanum, mints, lime colour and the citric IAU aircraft. Fortress 24%. Sugar 18 ã/100 of Cuba. refer to. Has been developed in 1998.
    • Tincture sweet "Mariinskaya skazka"
      Fortress 22%.
    • Tincture sweet "Nevsky aperitiv"
      Fortress 18%.
    • Tincture sweet "Nezhinskaya ryabina"
      Aroma of fresh of ðÿáèíû. |
    • Tincture sweet "Novgorodochka"
      Cowberry, dried cherry, coniacian, the sugars, grain joint venture IST is prepared, 00016, softened waters. Fortress 20%. Sugar 25 ã/100 of Cuba. refer to. Has been developed and in 1998.
    • Tincture sweet "Oblepihovaya"
      Natural sea-buckthorn taste and aroma. Is constructed of âûñîêîêà÷åñòâåí Noy alcohol, softened waters, sea-buckthorn juice and sugar with the addition vanillin, ananas essence and citric acid.
    • Tincture sweet "Ryabinovaya na konyake"
      Sour-sweet taste with little astringency and aroma of red ripple N..
    • Tincture sweet "Ryabinovaya na konyake"/2
      From purest grain alcohol, softened waters, ðÿáèíîâîãî Morse and you ñîêîêà÷åñòâåííîãî coniacian. The harmonic combination of ingredients attaches the pleasant sour-sweet taste with little astringency.
    • Tincture sweet "Ryabinovaya na konyake"/3
      Fortress 24%.
    • Tincture sweet "Ryabinovaya na konyake"/4
      From high-quality alcohol, treated water and dried ðÿáèíû. And ñïåöè the àëüíî used sugar, the citric acid and the coniacian attach infusion on the ñîáûé taste and the aroma.
    • Tincture sweet "YAroslavna"
      Berries of blackcurrants with the addition of kidneys of the same berries y, grain alcohol is prepared, 00017, softened waters. Fortress 20%. Sugar 25 ã/100 of Cuba. refer to. Has been developed in 1998.
    • Tincture sweet Aleksandrovskaya ryabinovaya
      On complicated extracts of almond, cinnamons, nutmeg. The aromatic alcohols branches of cherry and bird cherry meshes with Morses ðÿáèíû of red and ÷åðíîïëî äíîé, coniacian and sugar liquor.