Transformer arc

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  •   Welding equipment and materials
    • Transformer arc IDS-1601
      For arc welding by the coated metal electrodes by the diameter from 1, 6 to 5 MM.
    • Transformer arc TDM-168
      For manual welding by the monophase variable electrode current by the diameter from 1, 6 MM to 4 MM.
    • Transformer arc TDM-300
      For arc welding, cuttings and surfacings of carbonaceous and low-alloyed steels by covered electrodes by the diameter 2-6 MM.
    • Transformer arc TDM-504
      For manual arc covered-electrode welding on alternate current hour that 50 cycles of low carbon and carbon steels, as well as for cutting and metals surfacing.
    • Transformer arc TDMV-300 U2
      For hand arc welding by electrodes by the diameter 2-6 MM by the variable or direct current.
    • Transformer arc TDMV-500 U2
      For hand arc welding by the marks electrodes of ÀÍÎ, ÓÎÍÈ etc. diameter 2-6 MM on variable or direct current.