Unit power

FISinter (to initial point) Federative information system of producers on products and services
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 Alongside with placing information about their goods and services on the FISinter, producers obtain registered unique identification of their goods and services to be used in the flow of documents composed by their counterparts.
      Description of goods/services - Unit power, is given under the below mentioned section of the FISinter.
      Enter the section and learn detailed description of the available trademarks and modifications of the goods/services - Unit power.
  •   Measuring instruments and gaging equipment
    • Unit power BP
      Gas. For generation of hydrogen and compressed air for gas chromatographs, as well as for other analytical technology.
  •   Radio-electronic apparatus and equipment
    • Unit power BPV 3500/005
      High-voltage, for use as a source of anode íàïðÿ æåíèÿ of tramsmitting tubes of radio transmitters.
    • Unit power TE-50
      Electronic. Capacity 50 computer engineerings.
  •   Electrotechnica, cable products and equipment
    • Unit power BNN-20F
      Autonomous. For providing of continuous operation of different electronic devices with supply voltage 12-14 in and current 1 but has the type exit "the dry contact", signalizing on battery operation 12 in, 7 Ah.