Valve protective

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  •   Auto-, Tractor Engineering and Equipment
    • Valve protective 100-3515008
      For automatic braking of trail in case of destruction of manager ( brake) highways.
    • Valve protective 100-3515010
      Single. For prevention of brake system of car from loss compressed air in they in case of food of other consumers, in particular, in case of food by the compressed air of brake system of trail.
    • Valve protective 100-3515110
      Double. For separation one feeding the pressed-air system on two separate outline and automated connecting of one of outlines in case of leak-tightness damage main feed line.
    • Valve protective 100-3515210
      Ternary. For separation one feeding the pressed-air system on two main and one additional outlines, for automated îòêëþ ÷åíèÿ in case of its damage or depressurization.
    • Valve protective 100-3515510
      Four-loop. For separation one of main feed line on two feedbacks íîâíûõ and 2 of additional outlines, automatic breaking of one from outlines in case of its damage or depressurization.