Varnish parquet

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  •   Varnishes, paints, glues
    • Varnish parquet "Blesk"
      For repayment of parquet floors and other wood surfaces, ýêñïëóà òèðóåìûõ indoor.
    • Varnish parquet KRASH VD-AK 240
      For protective-decorative high-grade finish of parquet, äåðåâÿí Noy sexes and other wood surfaces.
    • Varnish parquet MCH-270
      For wood decoration.
    • Varnish parquet PF-231
      Soundly penetrates in pores of wood, forms the hard transparent film, resistant to periodical impact of water.
    • Varnish parquet PF-231 "Kronos"
      Glazed. For repayment of parquet and wood sexes, tintages and glance wood wares, coatings on oil-colours and alkyds Noy enamels with the aim of beautification of compensations.