Water drinking

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  •   Foodstuff, beverages and their components
    • Water drinking Pskovskaya
      Mineral, ëå÷åáíî-ñòîëîâàÿ. Is recommended in treating of chronical gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, liver diseases and bilation ways. Mineralization 4, 5-6 ã/êóá. decimetre.
    • Water drinking Pskovskaya s vitaminom "S"
      Mineral, ëå÷åáíî-ñòîëîâàÿ. Compensate for a deficiency in vitamin B organic íèçìå of person. Is recommended in treating of chronic gastritis, if t, pancreatitis, liver diseases and biliary tracts.
    • Water drinking Udacha
      Natural doped with ginseng. Refreshing tonic.