Waterheater electric

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 Alongside with placing information on the FISinter in Russian, producers obtain registered unique markings (identification) of their goods and services to be used in international flow of documents in 7 languages - Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
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  •   Household appliances
    • Waterheater electric "DachnY"
    • Waterheater electric EVBO-20/1,25
      For heating of water in living conditions.
    • Waterheater electric EVP-03A
      Heating flow-through for heating of water in closed heating ñèñòå Mach or basins of residential and that is not lived-in premises with maximal of îòàïëèâàå Ìûì volume up to 170 cubes. Metal.
    • Waterheater electric VE
      For supply by the hot water of stock-breeding farms, personal subsidiary economies, allotment gardens and bath-house.
    • Waterheater electric VEP-1
      For pre-heating of tap water, applied for economic needs.
  •   Municipal and domestic services
    • Waterheater electric EVN-M-200-A-6
      Volume 100 Cuba. m