Wire motor and tractor

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  •   Electrotechnica, cable products and equipment
    • Wire motor and tractor AMG
      Automobile copper, flexible, nonisolated, braided.
    • Wire motor and tractor PGVA
      Motor and tractor increased flexibility, with copper dwelling, single-core with PVC insulation.
    • Wire motor and tractor PGVA/2
      Increased flexibility with copper dwelling, single-core, with polyvinylchloride insulation
    • Wire motor and tractor PGVAD
      Motor and tractor with copper flexible dwelling, cart-horse, planar with ÏÂÕ-èçîëÿ öèåé.
    • Wire motor and tractor PVA
      With copper flexible dwelling, single-core, with PVC by the insulation, heat-resistant.
    • Wire motor and tractor PVA/2
      With copper flexible dwelling, single-core, with polyvinyl chloride isolation, those ïëîñòîéêèé
    • Wire motor and tractor PVRV
      High-voltage rubber-insulaled, shelly from plasticate PVC.
    • Wire motor and tractor PVV
      High-voltage with insulation from plasticate PVC.
    • Wire motor and tractor PVV/2
      High-voltage with polychlorvinyl insulation