Wire winding

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  •   Electrotechnica, cable products and equipment
    • Wire winding APB
      Aluminium circular or plane section, is taped êàáå ëüíîé or telephone cable paper
    • Wire winding APSD
      Circular or rectangular section with insulation from glass filaments, imposed by two layers, with pasting and impregnation thermal endurance lacquer
    • Wire winding LELD
      HF, circular section from copper wires insulated aircraft the lump on polyurethane foundation with double-layer winding from polyester neither Ti
    • Wire winding PPI
      Copper heat-resistant with film polyamide-fluoroplastic insulation
    • Wire winding PPI-U
      Copper heat-resistant with film polyamide-fluoroplastic insulation
    • Wire winding PSDK-L
      Copper winding with glass fibre and ñòåêëîïîëèýôèðíîé insulation
    • Wire winding PVDP
      Copper, circular section with insulation from two layers of polyethylene high ãî and low pressure