Cabinet distribution

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  •   Electrotechnica, cable products and equipment
    • Cabinet distribution HR-2
      Telephone. For transfer with main cables on distribution cables of local networks. Capacity 200, 600, 1200 para.
    • Cabinet distribution HRP-2M
      For enclosed compartments on 150 and 300 telephone para.
    • Cabinet distribution SHR 11
      To receive and distribution of electricity of 3 phase on the change current ãî frequency 50Ãö voltage 380/220Â in networks with ãëóõî-çàçåìëåííîé neutral.
    • Cabinet distribution SHRNM
      With glabrous mounting panel, with lock.
    • Cabinet distribution SHRP-1200
      For dispensing of main telephone cables. Clearances 2120õ850õ 290.
    • Cabinet distribution SHRS1
      To receive and distribution of energy of threephase alternating current often that 50Ãö voltage 380/220Â in networks with ãëóõî-çàçåìëåííîé neutral, to protect power and lighting feeders from reloadings and short circuits.