Cabinet electrotechnical

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  •   Electrotechnica, cable products and equipment
    • Cabinet electrotechnical SHNN
      Low tension. For electric power distribution to 380 in changes Noy current with frequency 50-60 Hz. be incorporated into ÁÊÒÏó. Clearances: 2000õ 1400õ450. Mass - 265 kg. 4 kinds.
    • Cabinet electrotechnical SHRS-1-24 82R
      Metal. Low-voltage.
    • Cabinet electrotechnical SHVN-M
      High voltage. To receive and electric power distribution to 10ê be incorporated into ÁÊÒÏó-2õ630. Clearances: 2335õ850õ800. Mass - to 300 kg. 8 kinds.