Cable telephone

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  •   Communications facilities, postal and connective equipment
    • Cable telephone TPPep
      Municipal. For operation in local primary networks of connection with nominal alternating voltage to 225 and 145 in and ïîìòîÿííûì voltage to 315 and 200 V. .
    • Cable telephone TPPHv
      Station. For ïðîêëàäêèâ of telephone canalization, in manifolds, mine, on external and interior walls of a building, indoor.
    • Cable telephone TSV
      Telephone. For mounting of low-frequency exchange equipment in case of constant voltage to 120 in and operation at ambient temperature from - 10 C° to +50 Ñ° and relative humidity to 80%.
  •   Electrotechnica, cable products and equipment
    • Cable telephone PRPPA
      Telephone communications and ðàäèîôèêàöèèáîäíîïàðíûéáñ aluminium veins with iso ëÿöèåé and envelope from polyethylene. For wire broadcasting networks of glands Noy roads
    • Cable telephone PRPPM
      For installing of telephone and radio installation.
    • Cable telephone PRPPM/2
      Telephone communication and radio installation, îäíîïàðíûé with copper veins by the insulation and envelope from polyethylene.
    • Cable telephone PRPVM
      Telephone communication and radio installation, îäíîïàðíûé, with copper veins in poly ethylene insulation shelly from polyvinylchloride plasticate