Cable telephone

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 Alongside with placing information about their goods and services on the FISinter, producers obtain registered unique identification of their goods and services to be used in the flow of documents composed by their counterparts.
      Description of goods/services - Cable telephone, is given under the below mentioned section of the FISinter.
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  •   Communications facilities, postal and connective equipment
    • Cable telephone TPPep
      Municipal. For operation in local primary networks of connection with nominal alternating voltage to 225 and 145 in and ïîìòîÿííûì voltage to 315 and 200 V. .
    • Cable telephone TPPHv
      Station. For ïðîêëàäêèâ of telephone canalization, in manifolds, mine, on external and interior walls of a building, indoor.
    • Cable telephone TSV
      Telephone. For mounting of low-frequency exchange equipment in case of constant voltage to 120 in and operation at ambient temperature from - 10 C° to +50 Ñ° and relative humidity to 80%.
  •   Electrotechnica, cable products and equipment
    • Cable telephone PRPPA
      Telephone communications and ðàäèîôèêàöèèáîäíîïàðíûéáñ aluminium veins with iso ëÿöèåé and envelope from polyethylene. For wire broadcasting networks of glands Noy roads
    • Cable telephone PRPPM
      For installing of telephone and radio installation.
    • Cable telephone PRPPM/2
      Telephone communication and radio installation, îäíîïàðíûé with copper veins by the insulation and envelope from polyethylene.
    • Cable telephone PRPVM
      Telephone communication and radio installation, îäíîïàðíûé, with copper veins in poly ethylene insulation shelly from polyvinylchloride plasticate