Alarm intruder and fire

FISinter (to initial point) Federative information system of producers on products and services
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 Alongside with placing information about their goods and services on the FISinter, producers obtain registered unique identification of their goods and services to be used in the flow of documents composed by their counterparts.
      Description of goods/services - Alarm intruder and fire, is given under the below mentioned section of the FISinter.
      Enter the section and learn detailed description of the available trademarks and modifications of the goods/services - Alarm intruder and fire.
  •   Intrusion protection and fire-control systems, equipment, si
    • Alarm intruder and fire Mikron UTS BP-01
      Bloc of uninterruptible supply for subscriber device "Mikron of ÓÒÑ-02
    • Alarm intruder and fire Mikron UTS-01
      Wireless. Includes the reception centre desk "the ÓÒÑ-01 Mikron" and up to 1000 customer transmitters "the Mikron of ÓÒÑ-02. Acts within two kilometres.
    • Alarm intruder and fire Mikron UTS-02
      Individual radio transmitter self-powered, íàõî äÿùååñÿ on protected object (garage, country-cottage etc. , to which ïîäêëþ ÷àþòñÿ the fire probes or opening.