Alarm intruder and fire

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  •   Intrusion protection and fire-control systems, equipment, si
    • Alarm intruder and fire Mikron UTS BP-01
      Bloc of uninterruptible supply for subscriber device "Mikron of ÓÒÑ-02
    • Alarm intruder and fire Mikron UTS-01
      Wireless. Includes the reception centre desk "the ÓÒÑ-01 Mikron" and up to 1000 customer transmitters "the Mikron of ÓÒÑ-02. Acts within two kilometres.
    • Alarm intruder and fire Mikron UTS-02
      Individual radio transmitter self-powered, íàõî äÿùååñÿ on protected object (garage, country-cottage etc. , to which ïîäêëþ ÷àþòñÿ the fire probes or opening.