Chair soft

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  •   Furniture, decor, fittings
    • Chair soft 1570k/z
      For assembly hall bay. Lining - êîæçàìåíèòåëü.
    • Chair soft 1570t
      For assembly hall bay. Lining - fabrics.
    • Chair soft M04.14
      Amount: 440*400*800 MM. Frame steel tube by the diameter 18 stackers MM ðûòèå enamel powder enamel. Seat and seat back - artificial leather.
    • Chair soft M04.18
      With high back, amount: 450*480*1010ìì. Is constructed of file äðåâå of ñèíû. Seat compensation and seat back - Gobelin floc.
    • Chair soft M04.19
      Amount: 450*492*1073ìì. The frame is constructed of file of wood. Is covered by èå of seat and seat back - the Gobelin, the floc.