Amplifier thyristor

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  •   Check-out and adjusting instrumentôåøùò, transducers
    • Amplifier thyristor FC-0610,FC-0611
      Operates by the ÌÝÎ mechanisms, having three phase electric motor. Îñóùå ñòâëÿåò the launch, the reverse of electric motors (synchronous or àññèíõðîííîãî), the torus ìîæåíèå and the overload protection; is signaling on refusals
    • Amplifier thyristor FC-0650
      Operates by mechanisms for nuclear power plant. carries out braking and protection àññèí õðîííîãî electric motors with short-circuited rotor from reloading; the signa lyses on discrepancy of input-output signals.