Analyzer blood

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 The FISinter offers opportunities to learn authentic and unique markings (identification) of goods and services from the first hand, namely from producers, to customers.
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  •   Medical apparatus, equipment and accessory
    • Analyzer blood Glyukofot-BP-M
      Portable. For determining of glucose level in blood with the help of ôîòîìåò ðè÷åñêîé evaluation of òåñò-ïîëîñîê "d Ãëþêîõðîì"
    • Analyzer blood Glyukohrom-M
      Portable. For determining of concentration of glucose in blood in êëèíèêî-äè agnostic laboratories, domiciliary as a means of Ca ìîêîíòðîëÿ in case of Ca. Diabete, as well as in emergency medical service.