Drink dessert

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  •   Foodstuff, beverages and their components
    • Drink dessert "Klyukva"
      From high-quality grain alcohol, treated water and natural cranberry Morse. Has the non-repeatable soft sour-sweet taste and clam the êâåííûé aroma.
    • Drink dessert "Malinovy po-yaroslavski"
      From high-quality alcohol, softened waters and crimson juice with to Morse áàâëåíèåì of black-fruit ðÿáèíû, extract of Limon and sugar. Åñòåñòâåí the humanitarian aid taste and the aroma of fresh raspberry.
    • Drink dessert "SHipovnik"
      From high-quality alcohol, softened waters and dogrose berries with äîáà apples âëåíèåì, sugars, attar and citric acid. Natural taste and aroma of dogrose.
    • Drink dessert "VishnevY"
      For those, who prefers products solely from natural raw material . Has the natural dense aroma of ripe cherry with almond notes and the von èëèíà.