Electrode electric

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  •   Welding equipment and materials
    • Electrode electric Bulat - 1
      For arc weld hardfacing quickly wearing parts of mining and construction machines.
    • Electrode electric cch-4
      For cold welding of design from ductile iron by the spherical graphite and gray cast iron with lamellar graphite, as well as their combinations with steel.
    • Electrode electric cl-11
      For weld of responsible products from corrosion-proof õðîìîíèêåëèåâûõ steels.
    • Electrode electric cl-25
      For facing of single-layer and primer of bilayer corrosion-resistant stackers ðûòèé at the surface of elements steely of perlitic class.
    • Electrode electric cl-38
      For weld of tube details and assembling units of heat exchange surfaces boiler units from heat resistance steels of perlitic class of marks 12ÕÌ, 12ÌÕ, 12Õ1ÌÔ, working at temperatures up to 585 degree. S.
    • Electrode electric ct-10
      For welding of steel of àóñòåíè÷íîãî class with steels of perlitic class.
    • Electrode electric ct-15
      For weld of critical parts and assembling units of electric sets steely of austenitic class of marks of 12Õ18Í9Ò, (10Ò), (12Ò) and them ïîäîá Noy, working at temperature up to 600 degree. S.
    • Electrode electric ct-26
      For weld high-alloyed chromium-nickel TOP TOR steels of austenitic class or them similar, working at temperature up to 600 degree. S.
    • Electrode electric cu-2hm-4.0
      For hand arc welding of part and assembling units of boilers and ïàðîïðî âîäîâ from TOP TOR steel of 15ÕÌ, 20ÕÌ, 20ÕÌË, working at temperatures up to 520 degree. S.
    • Electrode electric mgt-01k
      For hand arc welding of root seam
    • Electrode electric mgt-02
      For manual and arc welding filling and overlays of seam.
    • Electrode electric mr-3
      For hand arc welding of weld responsible designs from óãëåðî äèñòîé steel with carbon content to 0, 25% in all ïðîñòðàíñ òâåííûõ provisions
    • Electrode electric uonii 13\45
      For weld of constructive, heat-resistant carbonaceous and íèçêîëåãèðîâàí Noy steels
    • Electrode electric uonii 13\55
      For hand arc welding of specially responsible designs.