Instrument therapeutic

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  •   Medical apparatus, equipment and accessory
    • Instrument therapeutic ALMT "Uspeh"
      Laser. For treating by the low intensity pulsed laser irradiation.
    • Instrument therapeutic ALTP - 2 "King"
      For therapeutic radiation effect of semiconductor lasers in ôèçèî therapy, acupuncture, stomatology and other medicine regions.
    • Instrument therapeutic APPTR
      Laser two-channel. For laser, and using of magnetic nasa dock - for ìàãíèòîëàçåðíîé therapies
    • Instrument therapeutic Nasadki "LONO"
      Nozzles set for gynecology. For treating of as external, and intracavitary bodies
    • Instrument therapeutic Nasadki "NIVA-RL"
      For laser and ìàãíèòîëàçåðíîé therapy of outer surface of biotissue together with alta "ÍÅÃÀ", "pattern".
    • Instrument therapeutic RANET DMV-7
      Portable, small-sized. The bronchitis medical treatment, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis, ulcerative disease of the stomach and duodenal, arthritis, prostatitis, çà- Wuhu áîëåâàíèé, throat, bow, gynecological etc..
    • Instrument therapeutic UZOR
      Diode, laser.