Intercom apartment

FISinter (to initial point) Federative information system of producers on products and services
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 Placing information on the FISinter, producers enhance their logistic capabilities and provide unique, structured and convenient markings (identification) of their goods and services in terms of the flow of documents to the counterparts.
      Description of goods/services - Intercom apartment, is given under the below mentioned section of the FISinter.
      Enter the section and learn detailed description of the available trademarks and modifications of the goods/services - Intercom apartment.
  •   Communications facilities, postal and connective equipment
    • Intercom apartment Kontakt-999
      For access restriction in accesses of tenement houses. Allows to p To ðåãîâîðèòü with customer, without taking out of flat, and to let in it in the house, Having gathered the code on telephone instrument.
    • Intercom apartment Strazh-10/100
      System îõðàííî-ïåðåãîâîðíàÿ. For access restriction in accesses much Residential cottages and habitable houses, offices, agencies and companies.