Lamp wall

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  •   Lighting engineering
    • Lamp wall Bra
      Îäíîðîæêîâûé. For localized lighting and decorative drawing up of dwelling.
    • Lamp wall NBB 20-2h40-091
      Decorative äâóõðîæêîâûé, for living spaces. Coating: copper, kera To, white. Overall dimensions: 265õ300 mm. Mass - 1, 5 kg.
    • Lamp wall NBB 20-40-090
      Decorative îäíîðîæêîâûé, for living spaces. Coating: copper, white, Ceramics, red-and-white. Overall dimensions: 195õ265 mm. Mass - not bibliographic description Leu 0, 75 kg.
    • Lamp wall NBB 61-75-050
      For general lighting of dwelling (household) and back regions (corridors, storeroom, sanitary equipment premises, verandahs, attic floors, garage etc. dishwater ùåíèÿ. With fixing on vertical or tilt wall.