Cadenas de garage

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  •   Les articles domestiques et la ferronnerie
    • Cadenas de garage SEKRET-1
      From some horizontal bolt. In set two cruciform key.
    • Cadenas de garage SEKRET-2
      With two horizontal sliding bolts. In set two cruciform key
    • Cadenas de garage ZG
      For motorists.
    • Cadenas de garage ZGD-1
      Increased secrecy. For garage locking, stock rooms and etc with îäíîïîëüíûìè, two-field, wood and metal doors
    • Cadenas de garage ZGR2(ZGR3,ZGR4)
      For premises locking, needing safe-conduct, the locking possibility from the inside, the cross-bar development no less than 40 MM, the cross section steel sliding bolt the 30õ18 of MM is provided.
    • Cadenas de garage ZMGR
      For door locking of garage or other secondary rooms. Races on doors depth to 45ìì, having the edging from steel angle K . is read.
    • Cadenas de garage ZNG02
      For door locking of shed, garage, storeroom, barns through cover-plates , gate valve. Cover-plates loop is securely protected.